Monday, 18 October 2010

Taxi - problem and solution

Here is a controversial subject. No one wants to discuss it but the problem occurs every day. Overcharges, higher tariffs, longer trips, etc. Now less than in the past but the problem still remains.

It is my understanding that this is a problem common to all main European cities and that needs a strong intervention from the authorities.                                

It is not only about the obvious, the crime of stilling and deceive, it is about the image that those people give of our country to those that arrive, sometimes for the first time, to a strange country and look for a warm welcome. Sometimes, the hotel takes the "blame" for this bad welcome, because after a bad experience the client arrives much more nervous and the probability of complaint increases.

I don't want to make the mistake of placing every Taxi driver in the same "basket", of course there are many good and honest people working on the taxi service, but there are those unlucky tourists that face the dishonest ones.

At the Avenida Palace we try, whenever possible, to inform the guests about the average tariffs (between 10€ to 15€) and how to proceed in case the tourist feel's that he is being ripped off (alert the police).

There are other means of transportation, the Aerobus it’s a valid option, in our case we have a stop right next door, and another one is the private transfer a little more expensive but much more comfortable.

It is also possible to seek information in the Airport’s Tourism Office.

My hope is that the tourist, in the eventuality that this problem occurs, doesn't misjudge our country because of a few dishonest people.  

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