Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How should you book the hotel?

The question that everyone asks before reserve the hotel is: -Where should I book it?

In the past, the alternatives were the Travel Agents, the "owners" of the knowledge regarding the destination or the direct contact with the Hotel, this alternative was rarely used because of the lack of information and the time that took for receiving an answer.

But now, if you have an internet connection, everything is simpler and faster, the problem is choosing between all the existing options. There are thousands of Websites which allow you to make the booking. In some you can book a flight, hotel, car or even a Restaurant and of course order a bouquet of roses or a bottle of Champagne, but most of them only permit the room booking.

In this decision the costumer normally excludes the hotel's Website for a couple of reasons:

The costumer is still not confident enough to leave the "comfort area".
Big brands still matter, companies like Booking, Expedia, Ebookers.
Bad hotel Websites.
Or, and this is serious, higher rates in the hotel's Website, comparing with the other channels.

This is slightly changing, but of course the hotels need to do much better.

At the Avenida Palace every Guest that book through the official website are entitle to a series of benefits, such as Upgrade upon availability, fresh fruit in the room or discount on extensions.

No matter what option you take, always take a look at the hotel’s website, you might be surprised.

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