Hop On Hop Off

A simpler, funny and cheaper way to know Lisbon.

We've talked here about what we think is the best way to know the city, but that has its costs...

Fortunately, there are other solutions and the "Hop On Hop Off" tour is when comparing cost and flexibility, the best solution.

This option helps you customize your visit to Lisbon, by allowing you to exit on the any of the many stops along the itineraries and to visit what you wish, for as long as you wish, and then get back to the bus stop and wait for the next one to carry on with the tour.

There are 3 itineraries to choose from: Belém, Oriente and Castelo, all of them quite different and covering most of waht Lisbon has to offer.

All have on thing in common: the departure point Marquês de Pombal. The Belém itinerary goes along the river and has stops in places such as the Coach Museum and the Jerónimos Monastery. On the way back it goes thru the Basilica da Estrela and the Gulbenkian Museum.

The Oriente itinerary covers the newest part of Lisbon Parque da Nações, it stops in the Lisbon Zoo, the Casino and the Oceanarium and on the way back it goes via the river and it stops in the Tile Museum. Last but not least the Castelo route, is the shortest and it stops in the Fado Museum, a very important stop which can't be missed, now that Fado has been considered an "Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

As you can see Hop On Hop Off tours its an excellent solution to visit the city, the price of the tickets range from 15 up to 25 Euros and itineraries can be combined. Tickets are available for purchase with our Concierge.

Good weather is a must to use this service so, summer and spring ate the most appropriated seasons but, even during winter, if it is not raining, the buses are out there waiting for you.


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