FITUR 2011

Just returned from a visit to Spain where I introduced the Avenida Palace to new partners and also tried to reinforce the existing partnerships.

The objectives are to reach more people, to be sure that we are accessible to those who want to visit Lisbon and do not know us.

According to some colleagues, since this was my first time, FITUR has recovered from 2 slow years where some of the important "players" of tourism were not present. The presence of all major countries, including Portugal, was well noted. From Germany to Brazil and from the United States to South Africa, all trying to show the best they have to offer.

All sources were present, from Wholesalers to Travel Agencies and, probably the most important, Online Partners. The offer available to the traveler is enormous, from to Expedia, from Orbitz to Transhotel.

There was also some news regarding the Social Media. A new Social Network is starting to emerge in Spain, its name and it is a community where travelers share their views in regards to their travels.

Minube is getting strong, especially in Spain and it now has over one hundred thousand venues, destinations and places to visit.

In the end it was a great opportunity to get to know the market and new tools. I'm now looking forward to BTL in February.


  1. Hello, Nice to meet you on the Internet :D It`s a honour to be referred by you, and I hope to be in contact. This post is just to point out that the link is no right :-) It is: thanks a million an nice to help you :D

  2. Thank you very much for your help, I hope now it's correct:)


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