I seems that this is the year of all fears, economically, socially and touristically. But I think we should leave fear for the politicians, we should stick with hope and optimism.

Economies across Europe are facing a big trouble, unemployment is just around the corner, but, nevertheless, people are still travelling. A recent survey stated that even with less money to spend, one of the thinghs that families won't stop doing is taking vacations. Everyone needs their time to relax and to take a break, we just have to be prepared to work harder to be worthy of the clients' choice.

Of course it's not going to be easy, it will take a lot of work, and we can't just leave it to luck "she" won't solve it. This is the thrill, new challenges, and new obstacles to overcome. It's a year of opportunities, opportunity to innovate, to change, to improve, to adapt and to renovate...only the best will prevail.

For us 2012 will be a year of challenges also, the challenge of continuing to provide a high and personalized quality service, the challenge of keeping well mainteined and up-to-date facilities, the challenge of keeping the rates according to our principles and the challenge of promoting Lisbon as one of the Top destinations in Europe.

This year we will reinforce our investiment on cultural events, Recitals, a partnership with Instituto Piaget and Opera Concerts, with Maestro Costa Campos.

A new Website will be launched, presenting a new and fresh image of the Avenida Palace, featuring also the possibility os exclusive promotions for all Twitter and Facebook fans.

As you can see, not all news is bad news for 2012!

For all of you:


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