Cultural Events March


Shaolin – Kung fu

With 15 Shaolin masters on stage, this show combines the tradition of ancient exercises and musical instruments with a modern twist given through a magnificent lighting design and original projections.


O Rapaz da Última Fila (The Boy in the Last Row)

A play about school and family, where two characters meet. One is a high school literature professor, Herman, who has around 50 years. He chose this profession because he thought it would allow him to live in contact with great books and express his love for them. One day he asks his students to write about what they did last weekend. Among horrible essays he discovers one, unexpected by its content and form, belonging to the other special character of this play: the boy in the last row.


Um Texto – Uma Obra

The exhibition “Um Texto – Uma Obra” gathers 92 works by 92 artists, each one accompanied by a text of Fernando de Azevedo. These texts, now gathered in the book were written between 1953 and 2001 and the edition is the beginning of a program: the publication, as complete as possible of the texts on art written by the painter.


Fado Mutante

The project “ROSANEGRA” is on stage at the auditorium of the “Museu do Oriente”. The work presents a new language, more timeless and contemporary, showing “Fado” as a living being in constant change. The result is subtle and stunning, cool and passionate.


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