Festas de Lisboa ’12 - Opening Show

The show “Firebirds” establishes the start of the “Festas de Lisboa'12” with the recreation of an air race made by six daring pilots and their bizarre flying machines. This street theater performance is accompanied live by the French band Fanfare le Snob.

Created by Titanick Theatre, this show was inspired by the innate characteristic of humanity to overcome its limitations and the constant search for new targets and challenges.

In the race, the flying machines would draw a route through the city center, accompanied by a team in land and joined by the French musicians Fanfare Le Snob. The pilots, in their flight attempts, are followed by a flame of fire and explosions, intensifying the suspense and tension and  together with The figure of Dark Angel, an actor in the race, will help disturbing the competing pilots.

“Firebirds” is a wild struggle for the pilots to get to the finish line well positioned and also with a good classification. In a tribute to the Portuguese heritage,  Fado Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and the values associated with the Portuguese legacy, the final of the show will be marked by the performance of Frei Fado D'El Rei, who will play a Fado song with lyrics written by “valter hugo mãe” and this will end the race.


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