Festas de Lisboa '12

In the year where change has become synonymous of everyday life, the “Festas” are on the doorstep of Lisbon and at the speed of light. On the horizon one message: Live this magical and unique moment, not like the last, but simply as the first.

As in the fantastic tales, we suggest you let yourself be carried over an immense and diverse universe. Also as in the fantastic tales there are also unknown paths, unsounded corners, messages to be deciphered and voices that, from a remote place, invite us to look far beyond the tangible.

Like in the fantastic tales there are amazing beings, created by the imagination, that reveal themselves in a journey of thirty full and happy days  to discover, to reinterpret, to look again and to admire Lisbon.

Discover the many destinations of these Festas de Lisboa'12 through the cinema, the theater, the street, the human voice, the river and the dance, broadening horizons, reaching still and always other sights, this year in which, anticipating the official celebrations, these parties will embrace unequivocally the first signs of a year where, once more, both sides of the Atlantic will be united.


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