Feira da Ladra

The “Feira da Ladra” or Thief’s Market has its origins in the Middle Ages, the thirteenth century, and is the oldest market of Lisbon, that still takes place nowadays.

Illegal at the beginning  the fair has taken place in many historic places but in the present days, the traders here are perfectly legal, and they show their wares in the Campo de Santa Clara street, in the São Vicente de Fora district, close to Alfama. The market starts at the Arco de São Vicente, an arch near where the famous Tram 28 stops.

From the market, the impressive Santa Engracia Church, or the National Pantheon, can be seen.
Every Tuesdays and Saturdays, from sunrise to sunset, through tents, stalls or even cloth spread on the ground, the Flea Market exposes their products, especially antiques and used materials.

Books, clothing, tableware, stationery, coins, discs, CDs, shoes, photographs, furniture and more than the imagination can conceive, you will find it all in the Flea Market at very low prices that, of course, can be negotiated.

A must see, if you’re into antiques and a colorful scenario.

Photo courtesy: CML 


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