Nowadays is all about Facebook, who’s on Facebook, when, what did he/she posted, who does he/she likes, who are his/her friends?

For companies it’s the same. Everybody has to be on Facebook communicating the products, advertising, in some cases even selling. But what is the weight of Facebook in Portugal?

Some say that Facebook has reached its peak, that the initial users are leaving because of the “noise” and “garbage” that flooded the network. After the “Big Bang” that was the entrance of Facebook in the Stock Market, in May, the stocks are worth now half of what they did on the first day. One of the problems seems to be the fact that the investors don’t rely on the future of the company.

Facebook recently assumed that 83 million of the users are duplicated and it is yet to prove the efficiency of the advertising on the network.

For Portugal this doesn’t mean all that much, Hi5 was the big player in town and only now the Portuguese are turning to this new world.  According to www.socialbakers.com “Facebook penetration in Portugal is 41.79% compared to the country's population and 86.80% in relation to number of Internet users. The total number of FB users in Portugal is reaching 4.486.660 and it grew by more than 282.940 in the last 6 months.” 

The Top 5 Brands are:

Page name                                             Fans     
1. Nike Football Portugal                  1028302

2. tmn                                                 633675

3. Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro    517501

4. Vodafone Portugal                          494638

5. Optimus                                          459077

Again I think that Facebook will keep on growing in Portugal, but many of us are already waiting for the next big thing.


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