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Spring has just began and the sunny days are just around the corner so, one day at the beach will surely be on our Dear Guests itinerary. 

Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west, the Estoril Coast stretches from “Carcavelos” to the northern limit of the city of “Cascais”.
The Estoril Coast’s climate and natural conditions have always been exceptionally favorable for both Man - whose earliest traces date back to the Paleolithic – and, even long before, dinosaurs, whose footprints were impressed forever in various parts of the region.
Later, it became clear the strategic interest of the westernmost point of continental Europe, which hosted successively Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs. The last ones, in particular, left in the region many architectural influences, names and cultural, not forgetting the popular windmills, whose first literary reference is due to Ibn Mucane of “Alcabideche”, located a few kilometers from Cascais.
During the “Reconquista”, the region definitely fell under Christian rule in 1147 and, given its proximity to the capital, never ceased to be the center of all the ups and downs of political and military history of Portugal.
In more recent years, Estoril also entered history, as a favored retreat of kings and aristocrats exiled victims of the great political commotions that shook the twentieth century, as well as a major center of espionage and secret diplomacy during World War II. Later, because of these events, a cosmopolitan and sophisticated atmosphere that still remains in this place was born.
At 30 min by train from Lisbon, its beach just in front of the train station, receives the visit of many tourists that stay in Lisbon.
Right in the middle lays the” Parque Natural de Sintra – Cascais”, offering an amazing variety of landscapes and environments, which includes the westernmost point of mainland Europe, “Cabo da Roca”.
The Estoril Coast is also located near the majestic Sintra, UNESCO World Heritage.
But it’s not possible to talk about Estoril without mentioning the Casino.
Stepping in to the Casino Estoril means enter the largest and most diverse leisure and entertainment complex in Portugal. It also means entering the largest casino in Europe.
Estoril a landscape not to be missed.


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