Our Website leads the way!

Did you already visit our Website? You didn’t? Shame on you…

Our Website was recently awarded with its 3rd prize in a 6 month period. In a partnership with GuestCentric, the Avenida Palace launched a new Website more adapted to the needs of the visitors, making it easier for the guests not only to reserve their rooms but also to search for any information related to the Hotel.

Translated into 7 languages, the site features a page where all the reviews from TripAdvisor are displayed, without any filters, allowing the client the privilege of being part of the hotel’s message to future guests.

A Virtual Visit is one of the main attractions of the new Website, covering the key areas of the Hotel and giving the visitor the perfect notion of what the Avenida Palace is about.

In a perfect combination with the most important Social Networking, allowing you to share all the content with your friends and as an example if you have a Twitter profile, when making a booking that profile will automatically be associated with you booking details.

In regards to promotions, one can find exclusive offers available as well as special added values for clients that book through our Website.

Visit us at www.hotelavenidapalace.pt


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