Christmas in Lisbon – Church Concerts

With a new year at the door we are about to live a moment of ceasefire, reflection, comfort, balance and hopes. This moment, ever present in our culture, conquered the World and gained multiple meanings, giving form and expression to what we are, what we have and what we forget.
In these changing times, what new meanings can this simple story achieve? A story that has been inspiring artistic creations, throughout millenniums?
"Christmas in Lisbon 2012" is a musical journey, among many possible, inside this millennial search, which itself carries the beginning and end of many eras and worlds.
A path we do together, listening and hearing us, a gathering between many epochs and spaces that test us, that when we pass, we remain, as ultimately this remote history does, by reaching us every year, from Galilee.
From the 7th to the 22nd December, you may find the detailed program here.


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