Jeremy Irons returns to Lisbon

The movie “Night Train to Lisbon” represented the return of Jeremy Irons to Lisbon after filming “House of Spirits” in 1993, which had the Hotel Avenida Palace as one of the filming locations. 
Jeremy Irons, an Oscar Winner in 1991, took this chance to really get to know Lisbon, something he didn’t have time in the past. Shooting this film took him to some of the most emblematic places of Lisbon, such as Rossio Train Station and Bica district.
In the movie, Lisbon has a central role and is a post card of what this city has to offer. The Director Billie August, who also filmed “House of Spirits” stated that in 1993 they were more worried to make Lisbon look like Santiago do Chile, but now they had the chance to capture the real essence of Lisbon and its mysteries. 
The international best-seller novel “Night Train to Lisbon” was adapted to screenplay and was just recently released. With an amazing cast and filmed in our amazing city this is a highly recommended movie.
Here is a brief summary of this huge international success.

One day, a book of Amadeu de Prado, a mysterious Portuguese author, and a train ticket fall into the hands of Raimund Gregorius, a discrete Latin teacher who lives in Bern, Switzerland. The book triggers a culture shock in Raimund, who decides to leave everything behind and catch the train to Lisbon to discover more about the author, a rebellious Aristocrat who was involved with the resistance forces that led to the Carnation Revolution. The book poses the same questions that have haunted Raimund for years: "there is a secret underneath the surface of human activity?"; "And if we really just a part of what we have inside us, what happens to the rest?"... As he unravels the life of Amadeu de Prado, Gregorius relives his own life.
“Do you realise you can change your life in an instant?” and what better way to embrace a new journey in your life than visiting our beautiful city and the filming sites...


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