A Shared History: Treasures from the Royal Palaces of Spain.

Lisbon is again showing its cultural diversity, in an exhibition which presents several events shared by Portugal and Spain during 350 years.

In display until January 25th, the exhibition “A Shared History:  Treasures of the Royal Palaces of
Spain” is open at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum as an initiative of Spain’s National Heritage Department, an institution that preserves the palaces currently used by the royal family, several convents founded by the royal house and their respective archives.

It is the belief of the organization that visitors will be surprised by the unprecedented character and artistic quality of the exhibition.

This presentation demonstrates the attention and care that the Spain’s Monarchy gives to the art from today and from the past. The pieces in display show different forms on the way Spanish monarchy image is transmitted, as an ideological tool of power or as a reflection of the tastes, experiences and occupations of the royal family.

The history of a country is built through relationships and mixture with other countries, other territories, other cultures. And of course, there were warlike and peaceful interconnections between the states that prevail on the Iberian Peninsula. The peaceful relationships enabled matrimonial and cultural ties.

In this exhibition, the events in Spanish history that were shared with Portugal over 350 years prevail. Through 141 works of art, a path in time is established, from Isabel a Católica, queen of Castela and Leão, and even of Aragão, by marriage to Fernando II in 1469, until Isabel de Bragança, queen of Spain, by marriage to Fernando VII who founded the Prado Museum.


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