Instagram Art

Lisbon and Instagram a partnership that will surprise you and show you that photography will never be the same.

Who has not made a shot thinking it was art?  In the past most of those photos were always forgotten in a drawer. Today they came alive on the Internet.

There is a flood of self-expression on the Internet. Random pictures of cats, babies, meals, parties, selfies, buildings, concerts, cemeteries or clouds. Anything that our imagination contemplates in some cases apparently trash or, in others art.

People don’t just want to write about an event, they want to show it. Visual communication has become pervasive but is not worth romanticizing, being an artist is a journey that implies a history going through processes of legitimation, and being recognized by a community is not just taking 2 or 3 photos.

But the Internet has changed the rules on how art is created, validated and consumed. In the case of photography this is evident with the emergence of social networks and platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Ello, Flickr, Tumblr and many other.

Currently there is one exhibition in Lisbon that shows the permeability and the fine line between professional and some amateur photographers, in the Carpem Diem venue, in a show until December 20th, with twelve photographers, all of them coming from Instagram.

The Onframe / Carpe Diem Art and Research partnership started in November and will occupy the Green Room in Palácio Pombal, until December 20th. For its first photography exhibition, Onframe challenged a group of Instagramers to create a set of 9 photographies that contrast or live in harmony with the color of its own support, transporting the pictures and the Onframe to another dimension.

The Hotel Avenida Palace also owns a Instagram account, pay us a visit.


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