5 Apps to use when visiting Lisbon

When you are visiting a new city having the right Apps on your smartphone can highly improve your experience, and in Lisbon it’s no different.

The “Observador” as put together an article where they reveal the most significant Apps when visiting Lisbon and Oporto and from those we have selected the ones that really matter in Lisbon.

The list includes Apps for planning your routes, apps that will “take you back in time” or apps that
will simply help you to choose the best restaurant.

Soon, the Avenida Palace’s App will be part of this list, but for now these are the most important ones:

  • Lisbon Travel Guide
This app is a time saver, before you go out to visit the city. It allows you to plan routes, according to the maps available, it sets pins on the places where you want to go so that you don’t miss out on them, and it helps you to decide where you can have dinner or take a break for shopping.

  • Rewind Cities Lisbon
"A magical and entertaining journey into the city’s past" is the invitation that Rewind Cities Lisbon offers you. Based on an augmented reality concept, this app allows you to view the city's past superimposed over the real picture you see on your smartphone. It's a unique experience to know the history of where you are.

  • PortugalBy
Here you can see Lisbon through the lens of professional photographers. The application works as a photo file from different parts of the country, and it is possible to know where they were taken so you can enter the scene that captivated you the most. In addition, you can identify the images captured in the surroundings of your current location, so that you can get a move on and discover other places.

  • Zomato
This is an App that helps you to look for the type of restaurant you want to go and on the area you prefer. You can also follow foodies who you think may be good gastronomic advisors

  • Lisbon map and walks
Here's a guide that will be your companion through the streets of Lisbon. Let yourself be led by the guidelines of this application, the goal is to know which street you’re at and what it has to offer. At the same time, you can take pictures of your stroll and share them with friends.


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