Top 5 – Places to eat canned products

Lisbon is full of new spots to taste the traditional Portuguese cuisine, especially the now famous canned products.

As mentioned on our last post, these days the canned products, Sardinhas, Cavala, Anchovas etc., are gourmet products and have created its own niche introducing several new spaces in Lisbon.

Today we are going to introduce you to 5 of those places. Restaurants, Bars and stores where you will find that the offer is diverse.

1 – Restaurante Can the Can
Opened in June 2012 in Praça do Comércio, it is a tribute to the national canned products and to Fado. It is a Coffee Shop and a snacks’ restaurant, where the traditional canned products are also gourmet items which you can also find dispersed through the walls and tables as decoration.

2 – A Taverna da Rua das Flores
On the entrance you’ll find a sign that says Mercearia (Groceries Shop), which is not a mistake
because this old-fashioned tavern also sales some of the Portuguese traditional products used to make some of the meals served here. Located in Chiado, it opened in March 2012 and recreates a certain atmosphere from the past.

 3 – Mercado da Saudade
Opened in 2012, it is a grocery store / coffee shop dedicated exclusively to genuine Portuguese products. From ham to cheese, coffee, jam, canned fish, wine and much more. In a relaxed and casual atmosphere, one can enjoy the best that Portugal has to offer.

4 – Restaurante 2 à Esquina, Iguarias e Petiscos
Dedicated to snacks and Portuguese delicacies, 2 à Esquina brings back the tradition of popular gastronomy in a warm and refined atmosphere. Opened in April 2012 it aims to combine the traditional cuisine to the modernity of a young and dynamic team.

5 – Maria do Mar – Conservas e Degustação
Last but not least, Maria do Mar is a store dedicated exclusively to national canned products, but it also offers a tasting room to enjoy these much appreciated snacks.


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