Queluz Eighteenth Century Fair

Once again, Sintra travels back in time, this time to the eighteenth century, and this year, for the first time, the event’s theme will be - "Amor e Galanteio (Love and Gallantry)" – a cross-cutting theme throughout the eighteenth-century society.

The construction of the Palace of Queluz is the result of a prince’s love who, in 1760, takes his niece
as his wife, the future Queen Maria I of Portugal.

To celebrate this love he radically transforms this building into a royal palace, while retaining a summer palace characteristics with its labyrinthine gardens dusted with cupids, far from the rigid court protocol, the intrigues and political scenes.

In this edition of the Queluz Eighteenth Century Fair also remembers other loves: the forbidden love, the adultery of D. José with D. Teresa de Távora, and the various illicit loves of D. João V.

Find here the complete program.


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