Lisbon’s Archeological Secrets

Lisbon has more than meets the eye and with centuries of history there are many secrets to discover.

“Segredos de Lisboa” (Lisbon’s Secrets) is a proposal by the Portuguese company “Time Travellers”. The book introduces 17 archeological remains, hidden below the streets of the city.

This company conceived by 2 college friends, Inês Ribeiro and Raquel Policarpo, aims to surprise you, showing the several layers that Lisbon is made of.

The programs available include visits to the Aqueduto  das Águas Livres, considered an architectural landmark just waiting to wake up. With 58km wide it spreads from Belas to Alcântara. Built on the eighteen and nineteen centuries besides enjoying the incredible views one can walk the 941 meters of the sidewalks inside the aqueduct.

A hidden gem is the Núcleo Arqueológico da Rua dos Correeiros, a journey to different eras from sixth century b.C. through the Pombaline Lisbon. Here one can find wells or a bread oven from the eighteen century and even toys.

There’s much more to discover, learn more on Time Travellers.


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