ExperimentaDesign 2015 (EXD’15)

The Biennial EXD, whose first edition took place in Lisbon in 1999, is the corner stone of ExperimentaDesign and it is dedicated to design, architecture and creativity. 

This event highlights creativity as its raw material and its backdrop is culture in permanent transformation, from an integrative and multidisciplinary perspective. ExperimentaDesign is
dedicated to the contemporary, exploring various fields of artistic creation and production, both in materials and conceptual form, focusing on design as a work mode and methodology.

Positioning itself as a dynamic and bold international platform that promotes contemporary culture through discussion and reflection, the EXD generates and displays projects, original concepts and ideas in different formats: conferences, screenings, exhibitions, urban interventions, workshops and debates.

The event will take place from November 13th to 15th at Convento da Trindade.


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