Bach 331st birth anniversary recital

Born on March 21st, 1685 Johann S. Bach was a composer, singer, harpsichordist, conductor, organist, teacher, violinist and violist that we honor today.

Born into a family with a long musical tradition, Bach soon proved to have talent. A determined student, he acquired a vast knowledge of European music of his time and of the previous

He practiced almost all musical genres known in his time, with the exception of the Opera. Bach initially absorbed the large repertoire of German contrapuntal music, which was the foundation of his style, and later received the Italian and French influence, through which his work was enriched and transformed.

Bach’s ability to the organ and the harpsichord became legendary and was widely recognized while he lived.  He was also considered the greatest virtuoso of his generation and an expert in building organs.

Today, at the Palace Lounge, we honor Johann S. Bach in a piano recital by João Romeiras.


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