Top 5 – Fado Restaurants

What would Lisbon do without Fado? We will never know because one thing cannot exist without the other so, when visiting Lisbon, save one night for listening to Fado.

We have talked here before about the origins and history of Fado and today, assisted once more by our Head Concierge, Mr. Gonçalves, we bring to you the Top 5 – Fado Restaurants, where you can hear and feel the real Fado music.

1 - Clube de Fado
The Restaurant "Clube de Fado" is located in the heart of Alfama and close to the renowned Lisbon Cathedral. This is the place to enjoy excellent Portuguese traditional cooking, the sound of a Portuguese guitar and to hear some of the greatest Portuguese Fado singers in a unique, warm,
romantic and almost mystical atmosphere!

2 – O Faia
Founded in 1947, “O Faia” is still a reference in Lisbon’s nightlife: it offers daily Fado evenings, in which big names have always been present - starting with the founder, Lucilia do Carmo. Nowadays, Lenita Gentil is the lead singer.
The cuisine is headed by the talent and dedication of Chef André Pola and his team, creating dishes from bases, marinades, seasonings and spices which are always part of the Portuguese cuisine, combined with the excellence and freshness of the season products.

3 – A Severa
Inaugurated in 1955, it is one of Lisbon´s oldest Fado houses and it is still managed by its original family of owners, located in one of the city´s oldest and most emblematic neighborhoods, the Bairro Alto. The restaurant offers a chance to savor and experience local traditions, by spending an agreeable night featuring the flavors of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

4 – Timpanas
Located in the quarter of Alcântara, a bit off the center of Lisbon, “Timpanas” is famous for its Fado
and Folclore (Portuguese typical dance) shows offering a cuisine with Portuguese’s most traditional flavors.

5 - Parreirinha de Alfama
“Parreirinha de Alfama” started as a charcoal selling store and a tavern and, over the decades that followed 1950, became a place of reference for Fado and good cuisine lovers, by the hand of the Fado legend, Argentina Santos.


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