Who doesn’t like money?

No, we’re not giving away money, we’re sorry if the tittle is misleading, the real purpose is to introduce you to the brand new Museu do Dinheiro (The Money Museum).

Located in downtown Lisbon, the Museu do Dinheiro opened to the public on April 20th, featuring an exhibit of 1200 objects and enabling several interactive experiences, such as issuing coins or banknotes with the visitor's face and, the best part, the entrance is free.

According to Eugénio Gaspar, head of the project, the Banco de Portugal held the guardianship of this project and it targets all publics, schools, children, adults and specialists that now have a place where they can find unique and rare pieces of great historical value.

The most value piece and also the first to be seen is a 12,6 kg refined gold bar, that can be worth up to 450€ and that visitors can touch and hold but, unfortunately, cannot take it as a souvenir.

The museum presents several forms of money such as hoe money or monetary blank. The oldest coin on display is the Estater, dated from the seventh century before Christ.

The first’s Portuguese monetary systems are also on display presenting coins that were issued in “bolhão”, an alloy of copper and silver. Also displayed, are the fake banknotes issued by the infamous Alves dos Reis, in 1925.

The interactive part of the museum is one of its major assets, where coins and banknotes can be issued with the visitor's face or where the visitors are allowed to participate in a quiz.

To visit the Museu do Dinheiro is to uncover a “precious” piece of our history.


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