Videomapping in Lisbon

Terreiro do Paço is the stage of the video animation “As Caras de Lisboa”. 

Until August 14th, the Terreiro do Paco is hosting another multimedia show - "As Caras de Lisboa", where stories, characters and memorable moments of the city are presented.

The aim is to show faces of the city through historical characters such as the “varina” (fishwife), the paver master or the grinder, by telling the stories of past and contemporary events, its evolution and transformation.

Some of Lisbon’s features, as the tram rails and the Ponte 25 de Abril, will also be the central characters and, of course, the Fado music and the Portuguese guitar will not be forgotten.

The show lasts 15 minutes and it will be screened three times a day, at 21.45, 22.30 and 23.15 and the entrance is free.


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