Top 5 – Alternative Lisbon

This week we leave the traditional sightseeing scenarios and dive into 5 different experiences that will help you to know Lisbon from a different perspective.  

There are many ways to discover Lisbon and its history and this week we’ll present you a scary way, a detective way, a knowledgeable way, a wet way and an amphibian way, stay tuned.

1 – Labirinto Lisboa
Labirinto Lisboa offers you a ride back in time to witness, first hand, Portugal’s darkest historical characters and legends come to life.
Labirinto Lisboa is the first Portuguese horror house, in the heart of historic Lisbon, near Cais do Sodré and Mercado da Ribeira. It is a permanent haunted attraction, with an immersive entertainment experience that combines live scare actors with special effects, across different environments, where guests explore a winding labyrinth of dark passageways and surprising chambers.
They're dying to meet you!

2 – Lisbon Escape Hunt
Known as the “most innovative team building experience in Lisbon”, Lisbon Escape Hunt offers a
state of the art gameplay.
Imagine an activity where you can combine teamwork, communication, mystery, concentration and a great deal of laughter, whilst everyone is having fun. Well, that is exactly what turns Lisbon Escape Hunt into a unique and creative activity.
If you have a group larger than 20 people, they can also come up with a joint team event, specifically tailored to your needs.
Boost Tourism created something unique using the latest gadgets available in Live Escape Games worldwide.

3 – Pavilion of Knowledge
This is the largest interactive science center in Lisbon, originally built as part of the 1998 Lisbon World Fair as one of its most iconic pavilions - the Pavilion of the Knowledge of the Seas. During the event, visitors from all over the world were invited on a journey across the seas from a historical,
technical and human perspective.
The main exhibition hall was designed to accommodate a ship from São Jacinto Shipyards. With an architectural project from the atelier J.L. Carrilho da Graça and an exhibition design produced by the atelier ARX Portugal, this was one of the most visited pavilions of the EXPO´98, with 2,543,914 visitors.
In 1999, the venue opened again as a science center:  the Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva. Since then it has been receiving hundreds of visitors each day and became an institution of reference for the promotion of scientific and technological culture in the Portuguese society.

4 – Oceanário
Another “son” of EXPO´98, the Oceanário de Lisboa is a large public aquarium whose prestige is widely recognized, not only in Lisbon and Portugal but also across the world and has etherealized the centuries-old bond between Lisbon and the ocean.
Its exceptional exhibitions and the architectural features of its buildings, full of symbolism, allows a unique, unforgettable experience. The Oceanário consists of two buildings connected by a large forecourt: the original Oceans Building and the new Sea Building. The forecourt, from which the exhibitions and the educational area can be accessed, boasts a magnificent panel featuring 55 thousand tiles.
Visited by about 1 million people every year, the Oceanário is the most popular cultural attraction in Portugal.

5 - Hippotrip
Prepare yourself for 90 minutes of fun, laughter, and adventure, all wrapped up in the most unusual
sightseeing experience of Lisbon!
Aboard an amphibious vehicle, one can explore the heart of Portugal’s capital, by land and river, without leaving the comfort of your own seat. Is it a bus? Is it a boat? Well, it’s both…. so get ready to plunge into the Tagus River with a big smile on your face!
Prepare to be entertained by lively animators, who will share myths, legends and curiosities. Don’t expect a "traditional” sightseeing tour with a "traditional” guide, but rather a memorable experience that will leave you shouting out loud… Hippo, Hippo, Hooray!!!!!!


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