Portugal, a safe country for tourists

The world is changing and for that tourists are starting to add another requisite when choosing a destination, security.

The word terrorism is part of the daily talks in Europe like never before. With the attacks in different central European countries, the sense of security plays a major role when choosing destinations, even if it means to choose a less known country.
The tourist flow is changing and there are countries growing beyond what is considered normal, when comparing with recent years. Among those countries is Portugal. According to the Thomas Cook Group, the world oldest tourism companies, the growth in the number of bookings for countries like Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus is impressive.

Initially, tourism operators found in Spain and Italy a solution to the impact of the terrorist attacks, but the lack of rooms forced new alternatives, particularly in less saturated markets.

Now, if we join security to the warm climate, the unique cuisine, the historic landmarks and the rising cultural buzz, do you really need any more reasons to visit us?


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