Guide4U - a new guide to visit Lisbon

A new application is now available to help you to know Lisbon. It is called Guide4U and it will help you to discover 18 of the most visited Lisbon sites.

The narrative is available in five different languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese and the concept is very simple.

The App offers 18 georeferenced spots to know or rediscover, places such as the S. Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint, the Castle of S. Jorge or the Praça do Município. Each site has two sound files, which describe what the user can observe, with a brief explanation, as well as the history related to it and which can be traced back to the time of the Discoveries or the Implantation of the Republic.

This is “the” guide for those who visit or live in the city, and it guarantees an increase of knowledge about Lisbon, taking you to places you have never “seen”, and although it only covers Lisbon, the platform will soon expand to other Portuguese cities.

The app costs 1.99€, and is available for IOS and Android, the Apple Store or Play Store, and offers special discounts on selected partners.


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