Beaches not to miss this summer

Summer is at the door and so, today, we introduce you to 3 beaches not to miss this season.

Although Lisbon is not a typical summer destination our location makes it very easy to visit some of Portugal’s most beautiful beaches. Here are 3 that you should definitely visit this year:

Foz do Arelho
The Foz do Arelho beach, next to Óbidos Lagoon is a place where nature has given us, with its exceptional therapeutic qualities and an extensive beach, a place of choice for surfers, the peacefulness and the calm waters of the Lagoon are a charm for the children. In the area of the small quay, you can buy all the different species that the Lagoon has to offer, from cockles to clams, on this beach you will find great esplanades and restaurants, where you can delight yourself with fish dishes, fried eels, clams and the magnificent “caldeirada da Lagoa” .

Praia Grande (Big Beach)
As its name indicates, it is a wide beach, very popular amount surfers and body boarders. Praia Grande has the longest unbroken stretch of sand in the area, offering a good variety of bars and restaurants.
As a curiosity, be sure to observe the remains of the dinosaurs’ presence that are engraved in the south of the beach.

Lagoa de Albufeira 
Located in Sesimbra, in the lagoon, it is a unique combination of fresh water from the streams of Apostiça, Ferraria and Aiana, and of salt water from the sea, and when it reaches the 15 meters of maximum depth, the Lagoa de Albufeira is considered the deepest of Portugal.
Surrounded by pine forest almost all around its perimeter, it has small sandy areas by the sea and on the north shore. The calm waters and the wind create perfect conditions for the practice of windsurfing, kitesurf and sailing.


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