5 reasons to visit Portugal

Portugal is probably one of the most sought destinations across Europe at the moment. The reasons vary and here are a couple more. 

The debate has started: Will mass tourism ruin our country? Are we growing too fast? Will the infrastructures hold? Will cities like Lisbon loose its uniqueness and its identity?

Well, these are all good questions worth a long debate but, as for now, Portugal is probably one of the best destinations in Europe and it keeps flourishing every day, with new restaurants, new stores, new hotels, new attractions and it will not stop.

Although we have more than 900 years of history, it looks like Portugal was just found and, unfortunately, many people think this is not a good thing, because they are afraid it will spoil it.

Not at all our opinion, tourism is the engine that drives our economy and we, as Portuguese, should embrace tourism and make every visit to our beautiful country an unforgettable one.

Every day there are new reasons to visit Portugal, you have all heard about Portuguese cuisine, our sun, our history, our neighborhoods and our hospitality.

Today will give you 5 more reasons.

  1. Portugal is a developed country in terms of digital technology and communications, taking 6th place among 61 economies. 
  2.  According to the Globe Peace Index 2017, Portugal is Europe’s most peaceful country and 3rd in the all world.
  3. Over 60% of all Portuguese speak a foreign language.
  4. In a report made by the World Health Organization, Portugal comes in 12th among 191 countries.
  5. We have one of the world’s best internet coverage. According to the World Economic Forum report about global competitiveness, Portugal ranks 13th place, in a list of 138 countries.

We almost forgot one of the most important reasons, the Hotel Avenida Palace. See you soon!


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