Raspberry Rum

In the peak of the Summer, Lisbon is bubbling with visitors, it’s even hard to walk in the Downtown area. Lisbon is shining!

Every Restaurant or Coffee Shop that has tables outside is full. Rua Augusta, Rossio, you name it, there are even “fights” for seats. But don’t worry, there’s enough room for everyone.

In the summer nothing beats a late afternoon drink, the one that you have after a hot day in the city, and what better place to drink it than in our Bar or Lounge refreshed by the air conditioning.

Especially for this season, Gustavo Oliveira, our Head Bartender, created the Raspberry Rum.

This cocktail combines perfectly the bitterness of rum with the sweetness of fruit.

Here are the ingredients: Fresh Raspberry, rum, lemon juice, egg white and soda water.

It is very easy to prepare: fill a long drink glass with ice and a quarter of soda water, mix all the ingredients in the shaker, then pour it into a long drink glass mingle it with the ice and soda water and garnish it with a sliced fresh raspberry.

The result is wonderful and it is the perfect drink to finish a hard touring day.


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