Pilar 7 – Bridge Experience

Last week, Lisbon’s new attraction, Pilar 7 – Bridge Experience - opened to the public.

Located in the Avenida da Índia, this new attraction features a panoramic viewpoint on the bridge’s deck level and a virtual reality experience on its pillar.

Areas inaccessible to the public can now be visited through a sensory experience lived inside this vital bridge’s pillar, resulting in a journey through the history and construction techniques of this national monument, which ends with the construction of an elevator that goes up 80 meters to the top by the road, allowing an unprecedented view of the city, in particular of such as Belém, Almada and the Tagus River.

The visit starts in the area outside the central massif of Pilar 7, where it is possible to contemplate the scale of the structures of the Bridge, as well as getting to know some of the peculiarities inherent to its construction.

Within Pilar 7, it is possible to see 360° projections about the Bridge’s construction with four short films that show the interventions and the grandeur of this work.

In a contiguous room, the visitor is surrounded by the blue waters of the Rio Tejo, climbing on a platform that will allow him to emerge from these virtual waters, and when reaching the top of the platform one can feel, hear and see the train that crosses both margins, approaching.

A suspended staircase will give you access to another room where a set of upper and lower mirrors provides an illusion of depth and grandeur of the interior of the Pilar 7 massif, where the project’s main attraction is located, the viewpoint with a panoramic view, where the visitor will have an unparalleled experience.

Do not miss this unique experience.


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