Há Fado no Cais – Gonçalo Salgueiro

CCB’s Há Fado no Cais presents one of Fado’s new voices, Gonçalo Salgueiro, on November 17th at the Grande Auditório.

Born in 1978 in Montemor-O-Novo, Gonçalo Salgueiro, one of Fado’s new rising stars, started his record career with a tribute to Amália Rodrigues but soon grew in his own style.

Photo: João Portugal
Along the way he received several “blessings” from some of Fado’s great names, such as Maria da Fé or João Braga.

Sombras e Fado (“Shadows and Fado”) is an introduction to Gonçalo Salgueiro as well as the title for his most recent album.

It is a show that revisits some of the themes from his earlier recordings and others that he has recreated and which have made him famous among wider audiences. Joining him will be some of those who have been important to his musical career, and the concert will have several surprises in stored for everyone.


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