Street Art Route

Time Out Magazine recently prepared a route of Lisbon’s street art, combining several styles and artists making a unique combination that can’t be missed. 

In this post we’ll highlight the ones closest to us:

1 - Universal Personhood by Shepard Fairy.
Foto Bruno Lopes
The man who created the famous Obama poster “Hope”, came to Lisbon and left his mark in Rua da Senhora da Gloria, a shared work with Vihls, Universal Personhood is a series of works that stand for women rights.

2- Calçada by Vihls
Vihls first work in “Calçada Portuguesa” (Portuguese sidewalk) is located between Cable car 12 stops in Rua de S. Tomé e Rua dos Cegos and it is a work that celebrates Portugal.

3 – Desassossego by Aka Corleone 
Located on Rua Damasceno Monteiro, by Senhora do Monte viewpoint it’s a tribute to Lisbon’s most representative character, Fernando Pessoa.

4 - André Saraiva Tile Mural
With an incredible 52 738 tiles, this was Lisbon’s last big street art event. Located in Santa Clara, the 188m mural reinterprets the city combining some of Lisbon’s monuments with other elements such as the Eifel Tower.
Foto Ana Luzia

5 – Estátua de Pichi&Avo
Executed under the exhibition “Versus” by Galeria Underdogs and located in Calçada de Santa
Apolónia, it is a perfect example of the quality of the work by the duo Pichi&Avo, artists that like to combine classic art and graffiti wildness.

6 – Disquietheart by Tamara Alves
Near “Time Out Market” in Cais Sodré, one can enjoy Tamara Alves’s work inspired by José Saramago’s words “If you have an iron heart, enjoy it. Mine is flesh and bleeds all day”.

The full route here.


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