Lisbon Zoo

With 136 years, Lisbon’s Zoo was the first park in the Iberian Peninsula to have fauna and flora. Hosting two thousand animals from 300 different species, Lisbon’s “Noah’s Ark” plays an important role in the protection of endangered species and their habitats.

Lisbon’s Zoo is one of the world’s most important parks with one of the largest animal collections and it centers most of its activity in animal protection and reproduction.

Thru daily presentations, visitors can watch, from a short distance, species from all over the world and be amazed by its curiosities.

A visit to the Zoo offers an unforgettable experience: a ride in the cable car; a visit to the “Quintinha” (a small farm dedicated mainly for children) where you can find domestic animals; a surprising passage thru the Reptile House and finishing with a Dolphins’ presentation.

By visiting Lisbon’s Zoo you’re contributing to its mission to develop and promote a zoological and botanical park, as preservation, reproduction, and reintroduction of endangered species center, through scientific studies and environmental enrichment programs.


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