Lessons from the pandemic - Book Direct

We are living extraordinary times and many believe that travel will never be the same. That may be so, but one thing that this crisis showed us is that booking directly with the hotel is the best option.

On a daily basis, we face reports of guests having difficulties in being refunded on bookings canceled due to this pandemic.

During these troubled times, we have accepted all changes without charging any penalties, allowing guests to decide on how they want to proceed: reschedule, be refunded, or cancel.

Unfortunately, sometimes more often than we wished, it is not up to us as there are so many intermediaries which makes it very difficult for us to help, but we do try our best.

One of the questions now is: how will you book your next visit to a hotel? Our answer is: easy, book directly!!

There are thousands of Websites that allow you to make your reservation, some allow you to book a flight, hotel, car, or even a restaurant and, of course, order a bouquet of roses or a bottle of Champagne but, most of them, only permit the room booking.

Usually, when making this decision, the customer excludes the hotel's Website mostly because the rate found there is higher, but also because the customer is still not confident enough to leave the "comfort zone" and prefers to book on big brands like Booking, Expedia, or TripAdvisor.

We believe that this will change and, although hotels need to do much better, there are many good reasons to book through a hotel’s website as it avoids the possibility of fraud, direct interaction makes it easier to arrange special requests, and most importantly, it allows flexible cancelation and refund policies.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to take a look at the hotel’s website, you just might be surprised.


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