Beaches in Portugal have new rules

Now that travel is slowly restarting and the summer temperatures are rising, the beach is everyone’s favorite destination but, this year, new rules were emplaced.

From a system similar to traffic lights which inform us of the beach occupancy, to physical distancing rules, there are new guidelines to access the beaches, including a new app to keep you informed.

The biggest change is indeed the “traffic light system” which you will find at the main access of every beach. Green means low occupancy (up to one third if its capacity); yellow means high occupancy (two-thirds of its capacity); red, of course, means that the beach is full and it is better to consider a different option.

Once at the beach, you’ll be required to keep a safety distance of at least 1,5 meters from others, on the sand, by the sea, or even when bathing.

But, first of all, before going to the beach it is advised to download the app “InfoPraia”, where you can check if the beach you want to visit is crowded. This app will provide you with live updates and other important information such as lifeguard presence and water quality.

Now, you only need to choose the beach you want to visit and to know your options, here are some of our Head Concierge suggestions!


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