The Best Breakfast in Lisbon

A good breakfast can improve a hotel experience, but a great breakfast can become a memorable experience itself.

The team searched thousands of reviews on TripAdvisor to find the most amazing hotel breakfasts in each capital and organize
all the data in multiple maps.

The maps show you the best hotel breakfast in each capital of the world. Can you guess which is the best one in Lisbon? 

Well, your very own: Hotel Avenida Palace!

The team used TripAdvisor’s keyword and location search function in the "hotel" tab, using three search terms (“best breakfast”, “great breakfast” and “excellent breakfast”) and used it in all capitals. Finally, the team extracted the number of references for each term, from each hotel, and then ranked them according to the combined references of all three terms.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge in London has the best hotel breakfast in the world, with 5,363 references, but in Lisbon, the hotel where you can have the best hotel breakfast experience is in the Hotel Avenida Palace.

We’re sure that for our Dear Guests this is not a surprise for this is the outcome of their own reviews but, for those who are still wondering where to stay on your next visit to Lisbon, we believe that search is over.

See you soon!


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