Saturday, 13 November 2010

5 restaurants by the Head Concierge

"Show me another pleasure like dinner which comes every day and lasts an hour." (Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, 1754-1838)

Among the several things that Portugal has to offer, cuisine is probably the best one. With several different options from North to South, each one with its own character. Lisbon congregates most of the options and the possibilities are enormous, from traditional Portuguese food to the "nouvelle cuisine" and international flavors.
The cuisine is one of the most important landmarks of a culture, and the Portuguese cuisine is no different, you can easily find dishes with centuries of history that played an important role during the course of Portugal's history itself.
As  mentioned in the biggining the Lisbon's potential is tremendous, and we asked our Head Concierge to give us his "Top 5" recommendations, in a combination of quality and proximity to our Hotel.

  1.  We start with traditional Portuguese Cuisine, "As Velhas", a typical restaurant located in one of the most historical part of Lisbon, a restaurant with a wide range of service were we outline the Grouper in the "Cataplana" and the Codfish ("As Velhas" sytle).
  2. We continue to the best Argentinean cuisine "La Paparrucha" located next to the S. Pedro de Alcântara belvedere. It offers a refined atmosphere and a beautiful view of Lisbon. Its menu is based on the Argentinean cuisine but in a more comprehensive way, where we can highlight the "Parrilla Argentina".
  3. Restaurant "Sacramento" located in the renovated "Palácio de Valadares" is the next choice, with 5 independent tooms each one with its own atmosphere, prepared to meet the diverse needs and a menu full of Mediterranean flavors.
  4. Fourth option, another beautifull view. Located on the 7th floor of 14c Castilho Str., "Varanda da União" is a modern project of interior architecture that opened in 1999. The menu punctuates the chef's daily inspiration and is a roadmap of Portuguese traditional cuisine.
  5. Last but not least, restaurant "Belcanto" next to the São Carlos Theatre, in one of the more emblematic areas of Lisbon, Chiado. The "Belcanto" is divided into two rooms in a sober atmosphere. The menu gives special emphases to the traditional Portuguese cuisine

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