Monday, 20 July 2015

TAP Portugal: Image of a People

A new exhibition is in display on MUDE – Museu do Design e da Moda until the 1st of November, TAP Portugal : Image of a People.

In the last 6 months TAP, the Portuguese Air Line has made the headlines in Portugal due to its sail to private companies.

TAP was created on 14 March 1945 by Humberto Delgado, who was Director of the Civil Aviation Office at the time. That was the year it acquired its first aircraft — two Dakota DC3s, with room for 21 passengers. But was only in 1946 that TAP could launch its first commercial route, between
Lisbon and Madrid service began on 19 September.

The exhibition TAP PORTUGAL: IMAGE OF A PEOPLE focuses on the design of the national airline, from 1945 to the present day. It highlights its contribution to TAP identity and to consolidate the image of a modern airline, qualified, safe and competitive, at the service of the Portuguese people and the communities around the world.

The items on display reflect the contribution of design to the collective awareness of TAP as a national symbol and to the identification of the Portuguese people with (their) flag carrier. Moreover, it shows the way it contributed to the construction and dissemination of the image of a people and their country across borders over the last 70 years.

More information here.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The new Lisbon’s beach

For a couple of years now Lisbon is trying to “reconnect” with the river, the Lisbon’s beach it’s a huge step.

The hot summer days are here and with them the chance to discover the rehabilitated Ribeira das Naus and its new beach.

Located in the Downtown river front, right between the Terreiro do Paço and Cais do Sodré,this  is already one of Lisbon’s most popular sites for walking, cycle ride or just a relaxing break.

This is the city’s first urban beach, although batting is not permitted, on sunny days one can make the most of the two grassy slopes by spreading the towels for a revitalizing sunbathe.

Next summer, Ribeira das Naus will have a new attraction, “Polo Descobrir” is a museum dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries.

The museum will feature a caravel of about 30 meters in length to show how these ships were built and how they prepared journeys that led Vasco da Gama to India and other mariners on their worldwide discoveries.

Come and visit us, we promise a journey you want forget.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Duet voice and guitar

Today, the Avenida Palace July Music Program continues with a duet voice and guitar, by Margarida Pinheiro and Pedro Matos.

The show entitled “Cantares pela Europa” will start at 7 p.m. and will take place at the Palace Lounge. This is the alignment:
  • Part One
“Songs from the Chinese” – Benjamin Britten

1 – The Big Chariot
2 – The Old Lute
3 – The Autumn Wind
6 – Dance Song

 “Cinco romances tradicionais portuguesas” – Fernando Lopes-Graça

1 – Romance de Dona Mariana
2 – Romance da Condessa de Aragão

“Siete Cantares” – arr. Robert Gehard

2 – El toro
3 – La ausência
7 – La reina de la Baraja

  • Part Two

“Four French Folk Songs” – Mátyás Seiber

1 – Réveillez – vous
2 – J’ai descendu
3 – Le rossignol
4 – Marguerite, elle est malade

“Siete canciones populares Españolas” – Manuel Falla

1 -El pano moruno
5 – Nana
6 – Cancion
7 - Polo

Monday, 13 July 2015

5 Apps to use when visiting Lisbon

When you are visiting a new city having the right Apps on your smartphone can highly improve your experience, and in Lisbon it’s no different.

The “Observador” as put together an article where they reveal the most significant Apps when visiting Lisbon and Oporto and from those we have selected the ones that really matter in Lisbon.

The list includes Apps for planning your routes, apps that will “take you back in time” or apps that
will simply help you to choose the best restaurant.

Soon, the Avenida Palace’s App will be part of this list, but for now these are the most important ones:

  • Lisbon Travel Guide
This app is a time saver, before you go out to visit the city. It allows you to plan routes, according to the maps available, it sets pins on the places where you want to go so that you don’t miss out on them, and it helps you to decide where you can have dinner or take a break for shopping.

  • Rewind Cities Lisbon
"A magical and entertaining journey into the city’s past" is the invitation that Rewind Cities Lisbon offers you. Based on an augmented reality concept, this app allows you to view the city's past superimposed over the real picture you see on your smartphone. It's a unique experience to know the history of where you are.

  • PortugalBy
Here you can see Lisbon through the lens of professional photographers. The application works as a photo file from different parts of the country, and it is possible to know where they were taken so you can enter the scene that captivated you the most. In addition, you can identify the images captured in the surroundings of your current location, so that you can get a move on and discover other places.

  • Zomato
This is an App that helps you to look for the type of restaurant you want to go and on the area you prefer. You can also follow foodies who you think may be good gastronomic advisors

  • Lisbon map and walks
Here's a guide that will be your companion through the streets of Lisbon. Let yourself be led by the guidelines of this application, the goal is to know which street you’re at and what it has to offer. At the same time, you can take pictures of your stroll and share them with friends.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

NOS Alive 2015

The NOS Alive 2015 it’s just around the corner, from July 9th to 11th Lisbon will the capital of 

Considered by “NME” as one of the best music festivals held in Continental Europe, NOS Alive
is one of the biggest music events in Lisbon.

NOS Alive, formerly Optimus Alive, is the leading music festival in Portugal and has caught the
rest of the world’s attention due to a single combination of an eclectic line up, warm weather
and unique coastline location.

During its 8 years of existence, those who have visited us enjoyed fantastic line ups, including
bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, The Libertines, Depeche Mode, Coldplay,
Radiohead, The Cure, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Neil Young, Bob Dylan,
Blondie and many more.

The 2015 line up feature, among others: Muse, Alt-J, The Prodigy, Mumford & Sons,
Disclosure, Sam Smith, Metronomy, James Blake, Kodaline and Chromeo.

Don’t miss the chance to attend one of the best Music Festivals in Europe.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Lisbon’s new secret garden

These days it seems like there’s always something new popping up in Lisbon, new restaurants, new view points, but today we’re going to talk about a new garden that just opened in Graça. 

Lisbon’s Downtown and the Graça neighborhood are closer than ever.  An old dream and an 874,000 euros investment of the Lisbon’s City Council and an agreement that allowed the City Council to keep a piece of land belonging to the Ministry of Defense, brought the project Jardim da Cerca da Graça to life.

According to José Sá Fernandes this 1, 7 hectares of green space, in the heart of our historic city, will surely become "one of Lisbon’s new secrets".

In addition to the large balcony located to the left of its entrance and from which one can enjoy a panoramic view of the Castle, the Chiado and the Tagus, the garden also has extensive lawns, a small orchard, a playground and a kiosk. In addition its location allows to shorten the distance between Downtown and the Graça, walking through the Mouraria quarter.

At the opening ceremony, which took place only hours after the garden opened to the public, one could hear kids playing and screaming, which was in fact the goal of the entire project.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Fado Vadio on June 26th

June was a month of festivities in Lisbon, the “Festas de Lisboa” included several events and the highlight was, as usual, the “Marchas Populares”.

But this Friday you’ll have the last chance to hear the real Fado. Sung by amateur singers from the Mouraria District and from Escola de Fado Mouraria, the Fado music will invade the “Escadinhas de
São Cristóvão”.

This is a unique opportunity to “feel” the true soul of Lisbon and be part of a traditional celebration.

The show will start at 9.30 p.m. and will also give you the chance to visit the church of São Cristóvão.