Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Lisbon’s newest viewpoint is now open!

Do you wish to see one of Europe’s most beautiful cities from a breathtaking perspective? On top of Amoreiras Shopping Center you can find the Amoreiras 360° Panoramic View, which offers an unbelievable view of the Portuguese capital.

The new viewpoint offers visitors an amazing panoramic view over the beauty of the Tagus River on one side and the heart of the city on the other. This space claims to be one of Lisbon’s highest spots and it aims to change Lisbon’s tourist map and become one of the main attractions for thousands of tourists who visit the city.

This unique 360° view over Lisbon, stretches as far as the eye can see. From here one can observe the city’s hills, the river, the green of Monsanto Forest Park and many of the most emblematic monuments, among other points of interest. The platform, with a capacity for 50 people at a time, is equipped with long-range focus monoculars and informational maps for the historical sites.

Access to the Viewpoint is located on the 2nd floor of the Amoreiras Shopping. Tickets cost 5 euros and can be purchased online or at the shopping center’s information desk.

At you can find out more and plan your visit to this brand new viewpoint!

Friday, 29 April 2016

A new Museum in Sintra

The NewsMuseum, Sintra’s brand new museum, opened symbolically on April 25th with the presence of the Portuguese President.

Located in the former Museu do Brinquedo (Toy Museum) right in Sintra’s historical center, the NewsMuseum features more than 25 thematic modules including the “IArena”, a 67m2 lounge with a touch screen with almost 360° vision allowing a great deal of interactivity.

The room includes theme areas dedicated to the journalists who became the news, a multimedia stand about communication, a tower with 70 screens broadcasting the most important news channels in the world and a brief description about the Bairro Alto where, in the past, the major newspapers were located.

The NewsMuseum is the biggest media and communication experience in Europe.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Who doesn’t like money?

No, we’re not giving away money, we’re sorry if the tittle is misleading, the real purpose is to introduce you to the brand new Museu do Dinheiro (The Money Museum).

Located in downtown Lisbon, the Museu do Dinheiro opened to the public on April 20th, featuring an exhibit of 1200 objects and enabling several interactive experiences, such as issuing coins or banknotes with the visitor's face and, the best part, the entrance is free.

According to Eugénio Gaspar, head of the project, the Banco de Portugal held the guardianship of this project and it targets all publics, schools, children, adults and specialists that now have a place where they can find unique and rare pieces of great historical value.

The most value piece and also the first to be seen is a 12,6 kg refined gold bar, that can be worth up to 450€ and that visitors can touch and hold but, unfortunately, cannot take it as a souvenir.

The museum presents several forms of money such as hoe money or monetary blank. The oldest coin on display is the Estater, dated from the seventh century before Christ.

The first’s Portuguese monetary systems are also on display presenting coins that were issued in “bolhão”, an alloy of copper and silver. Also displayed, are the fake banknotes issued by the infamous Alves dos Reis, in 1925.

The interactive part of the museum is one of its major assets, where coins and banknotes can be issued with the visitor's face or where the visitors are allowed to participate in a quiz.

To visit the Museu do Dinheiro is to uncover a “precious” piece of our history.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Top 5 - Apps for those who like to travel

There’s no way to go around technology, especially if you’re travelling. In last week’s edition, “Expresso Magazine” has provide us with a small guide for the best Apps to use when you’re away from home.

There are thousands and thousands of Apps throughout the app stores and, sometimes, it’s hard to find the correct one. “Expresso” has made it easy for us and selected the 5 that you really can’t miss.

1 - Here Maps 
We start with the obvious maps, no matter where you are, in downtown Lisbon or in the Circus in Rome, Here Maps is available in the major platforms and it has an unbeatable feature which allows you to download the maps you need in advance so, you don’t have to pay later when you’re using roaming. Calmly, at home, select the map or maps you need, install them and from that moment you’ll have access to several navigation tools, for walking courses or for driving by car or motorcycle.

2 – Bravolol
When travelling one of the most common problems is to deal with the local language and, sometimes,
the difference between a happy trip and an all lot of trouble is a simple word. Bravolol includes the most used sentences in 13 languages, allowing also to play the sentences so that you can say it in a perfect way.

3 – Tripcase
Everyone dreams with an assistant, not all of us can afford one but fortunately we have Tripcase. Tripcase is an app that organizes and plans your entire trip. In one single place you can gather all the information regarding your journey, plain tickets, hotel reservations or car hire, you can “pack” everything in this digital bag. Best of all, the information is not static and with the help of internet you can receive updates on your flight schedule, changes of boarding gate, call an Uber, receive recommendations for dinner, promotions and even weather forecasts.

4 – Snapchat
You probably already have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, which is fine, keep them their
important too. But Snapchat has one feature that beats the others, it allows you to create your stories (snaps) and share them with your friends and family. And since the content is only live for a limited period it is easy to control exactly what you shared.

5 – Currency
Not a big problem for Europeans who travel inside of the European Union but currency can be an issue if you find yourself in Canada or Japan. The app Currency includes currencies for 150 countries and allows you to do conversions between several currencies and get the most updated quotation.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Gala Ballet - Russian Classical Ballet in Lisbon

As part of the International Dance Day celebrations, “Classic Stage” presents on April 26th the 
Russian Classical Ballet under the artistic direction of Evgeniya Bespalova.

This is the second edition of a grand International Classical Ballet Gala organized by “Classic Stage”, a company that aims to move hearts through the production of great masterpieces of the classical repertoire of Opera and Ballet.

The Russian Classical Ballet Company is, nowadays, one of the most prestigious Ballet companies in Russia and it was founded in the late 1990’s featuring dancers from other famous Ballet companies in Russia, such as Bolshoi Ballet, Ballet Theatres from Ukraine, Moldova and other countries.

The company is based in Moscow, where it has its own workshop making their stunning costumes and beautiful backdrops, plus providing stunning costumes, etc., for other Ballet companies.

The Gala Ballet will feature some international dance stars, main soloists and prima ballerinas, from some of the world’s most prestigious theatre companies.

Reserve your ticket now, for this unique event.

Monday, 11 April 2016

International Day for Monuments and Sites

On the 18th of April, Lisbon celebrates the International Day for Monuments and Sites with several events throughout the city.

The 18th of April was the date officially selected by ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Site) and on this day, a number of special events are taking place to celebrate the occasion, such as free entries and visits to the monuments.

This year’s theme is “The Heritage of Sport” and during all week long, commemorations will happen across the country. We have select the ones closer to the hotel.

- 16th of April

 National Sports Museum
 "Museum, Heritage and Sport - exhibition"
As part of the celebrations of the International Day for Monuments and Sites, the access to the museum will be free. This exhibition aims to draw attention to the heritage of the Portuguese sport through major national athletes.

- 17th of April

Roman galleries of Rua da Prata and Roman Theatre.
"Roman Lisbon"
From the Galleries to the Roman Theatre, it includes visit to the Roman galleries (entries at 15:30 and 15:45) and route and visit to the Roman Theatre (17:00).

- 18th of April

Carmo Archaeological Museum
Carmo Archaeological Museum guided tour.

"The Prehistory in Lisbon - Testimonies collected by Archaeology"
Explanatory course about the evidence discovered due to archaeological excavations in the center of Lisbon, which provided information about "another Lisbon" that existed between 5000 and 3000 years before our era.

São Carlos National Theatre 
"Guided Visit to the São Carlos National Theatre"
Visit to the São Carlos National Theatre, guided by architect Paul Silver Ramos.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Top 5 – Fado Restaurants

What would Lisbon do without Fado? We will never know because one thing cannot exist without the other so, when visiting Lisbon, save one night for listening to Fado.

We have talked here before about the origins and history of Fado and today, assisted once more by our Head Concierge, Mr. Gonçalves, we bring to you the Top 5 – Fado Restaurants, where you can hear and feel the real Fado music.

1 - Clube de Fado
The Restaurant "Clube de Fado" is located in the heart of Alfama and close to the renowned Lisbon Cathedral. This is the place to enjoy excellent Portuguese traditional cooking, the sound of a Portuguese guitar and to hear some of the greatest Portuguese Fado singers in a unique, warm,
romantic and almost mystical atmosphere!

2 – O Faia
Founded in 1947, “O Faia” is still a reference in Lisbon’s nightlife: it offers daily Fado evenings, in which big names have always been present - starting with the founder, Lucilia do Carmo. Nowadays, Lenita Gentil is the lead singer.
The cuisine is headed by the talent and dedication of Chef André Pola and his team, creating dishes from bases, marinades, seasonings and spices which are always part of the Portuguese cuisine, combined with the excellence and freshness of the season products.

3 – A Severa
Inaugurated in 1955, it is one of Lisbon´s oldest Fado houses and it is still managed by its original family of owners, located in one of the city´s oldest and most emblematic neighborhoods, the Bairro Alto. The restaurant offers a chance to savor and experience local traditions, by spending an agreeable night featuring the flavors of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

4 – Timpanas
Located in the quarter of Alcântara, a bit off the center of Lisbon, “Timpanas” is famous for its Fado
and Folclore (Portuguese typical dance) shows offering a cuisine with Portuguese’s most traditional flavors.

5 - Parreirinha de Alfama
“Parreirinha de Alfama” started as a charcoal selling store and a tavern and, over the decades that followed 1950, became a place of reference for Fado and good cuisine lovers, by the hand of the Fado legend, Argentina Santos.