Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A tale of two cities - Lisbon and Edinburgh

Learn new perceptions from the past and present of Lisbon and Edinburgh, and rediscover our own city’s past and present when we compare it with another city, allowing outsider perspectives on our own city values and stories. 

Organized by the Museum of Lisbon in association with Nomad Exhibitions and Historic Environment Scotland, the exhibition offers similar perspectives on both cities’ past and present,
from their early times up to the present day. The capitals of Portugal and Scotland, besides the common similarities between two western, European cities in terms of their urban and social development, also reveal rather fascinating relationships to be unveiled in the course of this exhibition.

By using artworks, artefacts and archival material, as well as film and digital content, the exhibition reveals how the cities have changed over the centuries in response to their geography, to natural disasters, and to the needs of their citizens for inspiring and effective places to live, work, worship and learn.

The capital cities of Edinburgh and Lisbon, besides their long and rich histories, have shared key periods of ambitious expansion and change, and are impressive examples of both urban innovation and historical preservation. The remarkable architectural development of each city was inspired by, and represents, the lives, cultures and industries of their inhabitants and their leaders.

The exhibition takes place at the Museum of Lisbon at the Torreão Poente of Terreiro do Paço until December 22nd.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Beethoven at the Comércio Square

The Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra will fill one of Lisbon’s most symbolic squares with music.

From September 28th through October 1st, Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra will present Ludwig van Beethoven’s symphonies on four consecutive days, in a breath taking exercise that invites musicians and audience to engage in a vast artistic universe.

Beethoven’s nine symphonies are very different and each one by itself, is a masterpiece. However, considering the whole, we are faced with a monumental scale project whose accomplishment does not seem possible by just one man.

Despite all the singularities, they reflect the same artistic design, an excessive ambition and all the commitment that accompanied the composer throughout his live, leaving deep marks in the historical course of orchestral music.

The idea of Symphony transformed and expanded itself in an expressive range and called to him the highest status among all musical genres, making Beethoven a true revolutionary.

Conducted by Maestro Pedro Amaral, the concerts start every day at 21.30 and here’s the complete program:

  • September 28th:

Symphony Nº 1, Op. 21
Symphony Nº2,  Op. 36
Symphony Nº 3, Eroica

  • September 29th:

Symphony Nº 4, Op. 60
Symphony Nº5, Op. 67

  • September 30th: 

Symphony Nº6, Op. 68, Pastoral
Symphony Nº7, Op. 92

  • October 1st:

Symphony Nº 8, Op. 93
Symphony Nº9, Op. 125, Coral

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Lisbon Story Centre – City Memories

Probably all Lisbon’s visits should start here, Lisboa Story Centre is the way to introduce the city.

Open in 2012, the Lisboa Story Centre is an innovative space dedicated to the history of the Portuguese capital, inspired by the wide array of facts and events that have shaped the city.

Located in the East Wing of the Terreiro do Paço and covering an area of around 2,200 square-meters, Lisboa Story Center has been designed as an interactive Visitor Attraction, featuring state-of-the-art technology, transporting visitors on a fascinating journey through time, using a mixture of elaborate sets, multimedia and sensory experiences, the Centre stages dramatic recreations of Lisbon's most important historical events, within the zone between the Baixa Pombalina and the Terreiro do Paço, exploring the myths and realities of this ancient city.

Comprising in 6 public areas and presented in a playful and interactive manner, while respecting the rich historical tapestry of this magnificent city, the Centre offers visitors an approximately 60-minute journey across time and space.

Find out all about Lisboa Story Center here.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

On Stage in Lisbon

This weekend Lisbon welcomes its 1st edition of “On Stage”, with more than 230 international singers already confirmed.

With a diverse program of events and musical highlights such as choir concerts; Lisbon Sings!;
workshops; evening concerts; performances during the celebration of Mass and much more.
“On Stage” is INTERKULTUR’s new project combining people’s wanderlust and love for music in a series of non-competitive choral music events, while promoting local traditions, culture and history.

The event visits landmark cities such as Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Prague, Amsterdam and of course Lisbon, making them the stage and heaven for 4 days of friendship concerts, touristic tours, workshops and celebration.

The events are designed for all those who wish to combine their music with travelling, learning and experiencing of new destinations:

  • 15 - 2/3 FRIENDSHIP concerts (2 international and 1 local choir)
  • 16 - Lisbon Sings! Workshop with the participants (4pm to 6pm) Concerto 21 of church music “Peace, I leave you” at Igreja de São Roque.
  • 17 - Closing concert with all participating choirs at Igreja do Loreto.
  • 18 - Choirs performing during Mass.

Friday, 9 September 2016

World’s most visited museums

The Art Newspaper revealed the Top 100 of the most visited art museums and Museu Coleccção Berardo is on the list. 

According to The Art Newspaper, an international publication dedicated to contemporary art, the Museu Colecção Berardo received 823.092 visitors in 2015, reaching the 74th place.

This is not the first time that this unique museum makes this list. Museu Colecção Berardo has one of the world’s largest and richest collection of modern art gathered by José Berardo, it features around 1.000 works, from canvas and sculptures to video installations.

As usual, the list is led by the Louvre with 8, 6 million visitors, followed by the British Museum with 6, 82 million and in the 3rd place the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, with 6, 53 million visitors.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

This weekend in Lisbon

If you’re planning to visit Lisbon this is the weekend to do it, the already lively city will be even more vibrant.

From September 8th to the 11th Lisbon will host two festivals, the “LISB-ON #jardimSonoro” and “Festival Todos”, both taking place outdoors so you can enjoy the good weather.

We start with “LISB-ON #JardimSonoro” which is returning to the most iconic garden in the city, Parque Eduardo VII. After a successful 2nd edition, this year, this Lisbon sound garden is opened from 2pm to midnight, from daytime to nightfall, for 3 full days presenting a lineup that is a feast for the senses.

The festivals mix the legacy of the past with nowadays music, cultural tourism, leisure and pleasure in a unique setting.

Going for its 8th edition “Festival Todos” promises four days of theatre dance, music, circus acts and unusual food with the objective of creating connections between different neighborhoods, each one with their own complex quirks.

Involving district residents and in particular communities with diverse ethnic origins is what make the “Festival Todos” unique.

As you can see this will be an active weekend. Discover here the program of “LISB-ON  #jardimsonoro” and “Festival Todos”.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Tejo Sunny Market

This weekend we recommend a visit to the Tejo Sunny Market.

The Tejo Sunny Market is a market that takes place in Belém, on the riverfront, and gathers more than 30 local brands and handcrafters showing off the best of Portuguese creativity.

Organized by the City Hall in order to animate the area between thePadrão dos Descobrimentos and the Torre de Belém this is an event that aims to show to local and foreign audiences some of the works made by Portuguese brands and handcrafters.

With a successful 1st edition that took place in August, the market will have a 2nd edition this weekend and a 3rdone from September 30th to October 2nd.

This is the perfect way to spend your weekend, a combination of sun, heat, strolls along the riverfront, ice cream and Portuguese handicrafts