Friday, 17 April 2015

Recital at the Palace

The Avenida Palace April Music Program continues.

Today at 7 p.m. at the Palace Lounge, João Romeiras will let his inspiration run free in a unique and unrepeatable improvisation.

Don't miss it!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Top 5 – Lisbon City Views

One of the beauties of Lisbon is its landscaping nature, made out of valleys and hills, giving it a unique asymmetry.

Visitors can consequently see the city from various points of view, continuously discovering new details and new treasures, once hidden.
In this article, we will share five of the most interesting and beautiful views to find in Lisbon.

1 - São Pedro de Alcântara
This is one of Lisbon’s best known viewpoints. Located in Bairro Alto the view extends itself across Restauradores and Baixa and up to the Sé and the Castle.

2 – Senhora do Monte
One of the highest points of view in the city is Senhora do Monte (Our Lady of the Mount), with a small chapel behind the viewpoint, a view which includes the Castle, the Graça church and the Mouraria quarter.

3 – Santa Luzia
One of the most famous, near the Largo das Portas do Sol. It has all the proper trappings, including a pergola with tiled pillars, walls and benches forming a veranda for the view.

4 – Castelo
With a view over Alfama, Baixa and Bairro Alto this is one of the viewpoints not to miss. The light here is particularly warm in the late afternoon, encouraging you to linger in one of the Castle.

5 – Elevador de Santa Justa
Last but not least important, the Elevador de Santa Justa provides the best close-up overview of Baixa and Rossio, with the Castle above. It is reached thru an extremely tight spiral staircase, but it is worth the climb.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Lisbon’s Roman galleries open to visitors

Revisit Roman history in Lisbon’s downtown. For 3 days you have the opportunity to visit this Lisbon Roman landmark which only opens to the public twice a year.

The visits (free and always guided) to the galleries, will take place on April 17th, 18th and 19th, between 10am and 6pm (last entry at 5.30pm). Fulfilling the tradition, the turnout will be such that the queues will grow through downtown’s streets, forcing the more patient ones to a long wait to achieve their goal, since no reservations are available.

All of this because the visit seems to continue wrapped in mystery, spreading a certain fascination for the many who eventually enter into these (very) wet galleries. One of the main reasons, besides the weight of history, is the fact that these galleries can only be visit for a few days a year.

The visits, through a darkened environment with a mix of theatrical spotlights, are guided by experts from the Museu da Cidade and the Centro de Arqueologia de Lisboa.

It's worth to go forewarned - particularly on Saturday afternoon and, even more on Sunday - to wait in a line that will go along Rua dos Correeiros. The meeting point is in Rua da Conceição (next to nr.77) and to ensure access, it is better to arrive early since it is possible that due to the public’s influx the queue may close earlier.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Understand Fado

The new show in town, Understand Fado, has its debut today. A show that will help you get inside the landmarks of the Portuguese culture.

Understand Fado is a live performance, supported by a film that helps to understand the origins, history and the meaning of a musical expression that is a World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2011.

A guided tour through the myths, the locations and the performers, which explains the significance of Fado in Lisbon’s and Portugal’s identity over the last 200 years.

The show officially debuts today, at 6pm, at Espaço Santa Catarina, the old stables of a XVIII century’s palace, rebuilt after the 1755’s earthquake, and will have presentations every Thursdays of April.

In the course of an hour, a Fado alignment that traces the path of evolution of this style, will be shown to the spectator.

From the traditional – Fado Menor, Fado Mouraria and Fado Corrido, through the classic hits, sung by Amália or Carlos do Carmo, until you get to the contemporary Fado. These Fados are combined with short films, in English, that talk about the influences, the transition to Lisbon, the stages of expansion and a possible explanation of the content and interpretation of Fado.

Ana Roque is the “resident” singer, however, with the increasing number of weekly shows, more voices will have the opportunity to be part of this show.

Find out more on their Facebook page.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter in Farmyard of Monserrate

Celebrate Easter with your children in a special place. Sintra is a village filled with magic, where every corner has history an enchantment, and Monserrate is one of those places.

Quintinha Monserrate (Parques de Sintra/Emigus)
In another event organized by Parques de Sintra, on the 4th of April the Farmyard of Monserrate will be filled with colors, smells and flavors, for the celebration of Easter.

Participants are invited to learn how to make the delicious “Folares” (Easter cakes), typical of this festive day, and a traditional and delicious challenge: the Easter eggs hunt which are well hidden in various corners of the Farmyard.

This is a program recommended for families w
ith children as young as 5 years and it has the duration of 2h.

In case of poor weather conditions, the fun will be held indoors with an egg decoration workshop.

Sign in through and have the time of your live.

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Next Sunday 29th the time will change.
At 1 a.m. please set you watch to 2 a.m.!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Caparica Primavera Surf Fest

Spring just started and the good sunny days are coming. This is the season of parties, fests and festivals by the beach and Lisbon is not that far from the beach…

Caparica Primavera Surf Fest is one of the first fests of the season and it starts on March 26th for this year 1st edition. This mega event is held in a giant tent, from 6pm to 2am, joining Music and Surf in 10 days of pure entertainment!

The activities begin at 6pm with a "sunset party" hosted by the resident DJ Miguel Nery, followed by music concerts and at the end of the night, a performance by Portuguese DJs.

In a unique combination between Surf and Music, the organization has created a program where every music genre will have its space. There will be nights dedicated to funk, reggae, hip-hop, indie, african music and electronic pop.

20 DJs, 9 bands, 4 surf and bodyboard championships are scheduled during the event, as well as a numerous of entertainment events where spectators can participate. But the festival features much more than just Surf and Music.

SAL (Surf At Lisbon) travels to Caparica and promises three nights of a true Surf Film Fest.

The goal is to have fun, in a spirit of sharing and camaraderie.