Saturday, 28 March 2015


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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Caparica Primavera Surf Fest

Spring just started and the good sunny days are coming. This is the season of parties, fests and festivals by the beach and Lisbon is not that far from the beach…

Caparica Primavera Surf Fest is one of the first fests of the season and it starts on March 26th for this year 1st edition. This mega event is held in a giant tent, from 6pm to 2am, joining Music and Surf in 10 days of pure entertainment!

The activities begin at 6pm with a "sunset party" hosted by the resident DJ Miguel Nery, followed by music concerts and at the end of the night, a performance by Portuguese DJs.

In a unique combination between Surf and Music, the organization has created a program where every music genre will have its space. There will be nights dedicated to funk, reggae, hip-hop, indie, african music and electronic pop.

20 DJs, 9 bands, 4 surf and bodyboard championships are scheduled during the event, as well as a numerous of entertainment events where spectators can participate. But the festival features much more than just Surf and Music.

SAL (Surf At Lisbon) travels to Caparica and promises three nights of a true Surf Film Fest.

The goal is to have fun, in a spirit of sharing and camaraderie.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Anthony Strong at the CCB on March 27th

After the resounding success of his debut in Portugal, at the CCB, in April 2014, Anthony Strong is scheduled to return to this Lisbon venue for a show that appeals to everyone!

Hailed as “England’s new jazz superstar”, a support slot with the legendary BB King and an EP release which reached #1 on the UK jazz charts saw singer-pianist Anthony Strong grab the attention of some of the world’s top record labels in early 2012.

His debut album 'Guaranteed!' was released in the summer of 2009 and the band featured 8 of his best friends – who just happened to be some of the finest jazz musicians in London! On top of this, friend and singer Natalie Williams made a guest appearance. The launch saw over 300 people squeeze into private members club Shoreditch House and a panicking bar manager shut the doors and turn the rest away.

After signing with Naïve in the autumn of 2012, Anthony set to work arranging and recording his new album which features, amongst others, Australian trumpeter James Morrison, British saxophone legend Nigel Hitchcock, drummer Sebastian De Krom and bassist Tom Farmer, along with a horn section and string section. The result, 'Stepping Out', is available now and features a mix of classic jazz songs and swinging originals.

Anthony Strong returns to the CCB for a show, featuring Claudia Franco, who will be in charge of the concert’s 1st half.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Lisbon in the Monopoly’s special edition

The best-selling game in the world is celebrating its 80th anniversary and to honor the occasion a special edition will be launched with a worldwide board, with 22 cities worldwide.

An election took place and Lisbon was the fourth city with most votes, wining a direct entry to one of the most expensive districts of the game.

The Belem Tower is the icon that will appear in the "house" of the game in the green district, the second most expensive of the board. Lisbon has an honorable place together with Riga (Latvia) and Istanbul (Turkey), in a game with more than a thousand million players in over a hundred countries and it has been translated into 47 languages. The new board should be launched as early as September.

Monopoly was elected in the year 2000 as the game of the century and was brought to “live” 80 years ago, in March 19th 1935.

The original game was made with materials that the "creator" had at hand. The board was covered by a piece of oilcloth and the cards were handwritten, the houses and the hotels were wooden chips and the tokens were pieces of bracelets from his nieces.

Much has changed since that first board in a game that has sold about 160 million units and creates "debates" since the beginning.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Top 5 – Palácio de Queluz

Today we will write about one of the most beautiful Palaces in Portugal, the Palácio de Queluz in Sintra, just about 15 minutes from Lisbon.
Palácio de Queluz (Parques de Sintra/Emigus)

The Palácio Nacional de Queluz is an eighteenth century palace, located in Queluz and is one of the
last great Rococo buildings in Europe. The palace was built as a summer retreat for D. Pedro de Bragança, between 1747 and 1752.

It is known as a mini Versailles due to its exquisite Rococo palace and formal gardens and we’ll give you 5 features not to be missed when visiting this magnificent piece of history.

1 – Throne Room
Competing in splendor with the Ambassadors’ Room, and with a splendid oval, domed ceiling, the Throne Room also serves as ballroom, church and theatre.

2 – Gardens
Two formal gardens, the Neptune Garden and the Malta Garden, fill the space between the palace’s two asymmetric wings.
Palácio de Queluz (Parques de Sintra/Carlos Pombo)

3 – Dom Quixote Chamber
The inlaid circular-pattern floor and domed ceiling make this square room look round. It was named after the painted scenes from Dom Quixote that it contains.

4 – Robillion Staircase
This beautifully flowing staircase links the lower parkland area to the palace and formal gardens. It is flanked by an arcade with a water cascade flowing into a tiled canal where in the past, the royal family went boating.

5 – Ambassadors’ Room
The magnificent Ambassadors’ Room was used for diplomatic audiences, and it is opulently decorated with stucco work and painted and glided carved woodwork.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Friday the 13th- where it all began

Every year there are from one to three Fridays 13th. These days are shrouded in mystery, misfortune and fears. Its origin lays in France and in the day on which the Order of the Templars was destroyed.

Around the number 13 shadows and distrust are rooted in several cultures. Thirteen were the disciples of Jesus Christ, being the traitor Judas the last. In Revelation, the number thirteen represents the beast and the Antichrist. Kabbalah, which is an esoteric branch with connections to Judaism, lists thirteen evil spirits. And even in the midst of the Nordic skepticism arises the character Loki, the God of fire and treat, who often appears in the scriptures as the "thirteenth guest".

Likewise Friday has obscure meanings. The Christian tradition believes that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday. Some Bible scholars believe that Eve instigated Adam to sin when she offered him the apple on the sixth day of the week and also tells the story on which Abel was murdered by his brother Cain on Friday.

But, where lays the source of the supreme misfortune of combining a Friday with the number 13? The story is told by the Spanish newspaper ABC.

“To understand the origin of these fears, we have to return to France and to a Friday, 13 October 1307. The day had just began when King Philip IV began a persecution of the Templar Knights. By the hands of Pope Clement V, all the members of the Order were sentenced to the cross for sacrilege, heresy, sodomy and worship of pagan idols. In addition, the Knights were accused of homosexual relations with each other, a particularly humiliating charge for the time.”

The reasons were not true and unfounded, but for the King this persecution was necessary, for economic reasons, since the Order was too wealthy and powerful.

Through torture the Inquisition obtained the confessions they wanted, which were later retracted by the majority of the accused. Some were condemned to the fire, while others were imprisoned for life.
Before being thrown into the fire the Knights Templar Grand-Master, Jacobo de Molay added: "God knows that we were condemned to death with great injustice. Soon it will come a great calamity for those who condemned us without respect for the true justice. God will take responsibility for the retaliations for our death. “And under this curse lived King Philip IV and Pope Clement V, who died only a year later.

Good luck…

Source: O Observador

Jazz Duet at the Palace

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

Friedrich Nietzsche