Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It’s all about Instagram

Instagram is an online social network that allows photo and video sharing. It enables its users to take pictures and make videos, to apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

A distinctive feature is that it confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images, in contrast to the 16:9 aspect ratio now typically used by mobile device cameras. Users are also able to record and share short videos with up to 15 seconds.

This is the formal definition, but Instagram is much more than that. Used in the right way it’s a powerful tool that makes the ordinary photographer in a professional and an artist.

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010. The service rapidly gained popularity and in January 2014, Instagram had 150 million active users, 16 billion photos shared, 1.2 billion likes daily, 55 million photos posted daily and 7.3 daily visitors.~

One of its characteristics is the filters which allow to give each picture a unique touch. However, the most commonly used was….without filter. Within the filter usage, the one that collects the most amount of comments and likes was the Mayfair.

The #hashtags are also much appreciated and, in 2013, the favorite one was #love.
On June 20th 2013, Instagram released a 15 second video component to its platform. Within the first 24 hours, 5 million videos were uploaded. However, Fortune 500 companies have been reluctant to adopt the video feature, so far.

The Avenida Palace had its first picture posted in June 2013. More than a year after @hotelavenidapalace has over 300 followers and more than 400 media shared. With a good mix of themes the Avenida Palace tries to show unique moments of its daily history.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lisb/ON #Jardim Sonoro

Lisbon doesn’t stop, and for the first weekend of September we suggest Lisb/ON #Jardim Sonoro.

The first edition of Lisb/ON #Jardim Sonoro comes to town!  This new event in the city is a must for all music lovers who want to enjoy an urban and daytime experience with Lisbon as its stage and backdrop.

This is a unique blend between the city and music, tourism, culture, leisure and pleasure in a idea that
purposes to bring the party into the daylight.

In this 1st edition, the festival offers a variety of national and international projects, from dance music to funk, soul to nu-disco and jazz.

Some of the invited artists are:
September 6th: Carl Craig, Moodymann, Dam-Funk, Isolée, Vahagn & the Sky People Band, Moullinex and Jorge Whitewashed.
September 7th: Roy Ayers Band, Greg Wilson, Tiger & Woods, Rodrigo Leão, Mirror People and Sensible Soccers.

The event will be associated with, bars, nightclubs, galleries and restaurants and with different activities planned specifically for this weekend.

Friday, 29 August 2014

HappyBike reached Lisbon

Today we will talk about something new and fun, something that is a big hit across Europe, making its debut in Lisbon, the HappyBike!

The HappyBike is a new concept of happy transportation, a guaranteed fun which was already used by thousands of people across Europe. While pedaling, you can talk, hear a song or sing with your friends, you can enjoy a refreshing drink and eat a tapa or do whatever you wish! How far can your imagination take you?

You can join your classmates, a group of friends, coworkers or your family and go for a HappyBike ride at any time of the day!

The HappyBike is a non-polluting mean of transport, with capacity for 18 passengers and a licensed driver, the only driving force is provided by ten passengers through the pedal.

The use of HappyBike in urban space or the natural environment, intents to provide the best knowledge of the surroundings. It is an innovative idea which fits the main objectives of country’s tourism development.
For sightseeing or touring, Lisbon has now a new feature which promise
s to be a unique experience!

Find our more about each tour.

Are you ready?

Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer Cocktail

In the peak of the Summer Lisbon is bubbling with visitors, it’s even hard to walk in the Downtown area, Lisbon is shining.

Every Restaurant or Coffee Shop that has tables outside is full. Rua Augusta, Rossio, you name it, there’s actually “fights” for seats. But don’t worry, there’s room for everyone.

In the summer nothing beats the late afternoon drink, the one that you have after a hot day in the city. What better place to drink it than in our Bar or Lounge refreshed by the air conditioning.

Especially for the Summer, Tiago Reis one of our Bartenders, created the Palace Summer Special “Long Drink”.

Fruity, juicy and fantastically summery, this cocktail combines perfectly the bitterness of gin with the sweetness of fruit.

Here are the ingredients: Fresh Melon, fresh pineapple, gin, passion fruit syrup, Grenadine and a grape.

It is very easy to prepare, just mix the fresh melon, the fresh pineapple, the gin and the passion fruit syrup in a blender then pour it into a long drink glass and add crushed ice, 2 dashes of Grenadine and finish it with a star-shaped grape.

The result is wonderful and it is the perfect drink to finish a hard touring day.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

“Perdi o coração em Lisboa"

"Perdi o coração em Lisboa “ (I lost my heart in Lisbon) is the title of the multimedia show, which will be projected on the western facade of the Praça do Comércio, from August 30th to September 8th.
With daily sessions at 22h, 23h and 24h, this event incorporates a 3D video mapping projection and a show of light and sound to which some contemporary artists were invited. The script calls for a trip across town through its most distinctive elements, exploring the beauty and multiplicity of Lisbon’s cultures.

The audience is also invited to share photos this experience through the use of #perdiocoracaoemlisboa and hashtag the QR code on site. Some of the images posted will be projected during the show’s breaks. 
Written by Oskar & Gaspar and with music by BeaTbombers (DJ Ride & Stereossauro), "Perdi o coração em Lisboa” will have the contribution of guest artists such as Alexandro Farto aka Vhils, Tamara Alves and Miguel Gennaro (+ -).

This event is an initiative of the Tourism Association of Lisbon, in partnership with EGEAC and the Lisbon City Hall. 

Every day, from August 30th to September 8th, with sessions at 22h00, 23h00 and 24h00
Free admission 

Monday, 14 July 2014

10 days of Tascas at Cais Sodré

This summer around Portugal a series of food festivals is being promoted, and Lisbon will host the next stage.

From 10th to 20th of July the recent renovated water front in Cais Sodré will receive the food festival Tascas do Cais.

Tastings, live cooking sessions and harmonization with craft beers are the main highlights of this second stage of the 2014 season Festivais Super Gastronómicos.

The Lisbon stage will have five restaurants which will focus on the tasca tradition and on the traditional Portuguese snacks. Can the Can, Cantina, Ramiro, Taberna da Rua das Flores/Flores do Bairro e Tasca
Três are the participant restaurants, open from 12h00 to 24h00 except on the last day, the 20th, on which they will open from 12h00 to 16h00.

Not to be missed!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Luxury is our middle name!

Summer is here to stay and Lisbon, as one of the “Top Destinations” in Europe is bubbling with tourists, not only because of the sun or its culture but also for the quality of the service available.

The number of hotels has been increasing in Lisbon for the last years. In the early 2000’s the main focus were the number of beds, now the focus is the excellence of the properties. A new style has emerged in town, the “Boutique”. Fresh, “clean” and simple they offer the basic comfort for the city breakers, who mostly wish to enjoy the city.

These are good times for visiting Lisbon, the offer is plenty and although “Boutique” hotels are on the rise there is one type of hotel which is always trendy, the “Luxury”. The “Luxury” hotel provides not only all the comfort that the guest needs but it also goes beyond all that exceeding all the expectations and becoming the hotel itself a reason for visiting Lisbon.

These brings us to the second part of our theme: a recent article by Tamara Elliot in the Luxury Travel Blog stated “10 things every luxury hotel should have”, as we go over all the items we found ourselves proud of having every single one of them:

Wi-Fi – Recent updated to improve its speed is available in the entire hotel and free of charge.

Bathrobes – Soft and comfortable, personalized with the hotel logo are available in various sizes, also available for including children.

Privacy – By this they mean the new room design that includes a window or just a glass dividing the room and the bathroom, of course this doesn’t happen in our hotel, we have classical marbled bathrooms.

Bottle of Water in the room – This we admit is a recent feature, but much appreciated by the guests.

Blackout curtains – Checked! We know how important sometimes is sleeping through the morning. In some rooms, with bigger windows we have installed electric blackouts.

Safety Deposit Box – This is a “must have” every customer likes the insurance of a safe in which to store is belongings and that he controls. And there is nothing better than a digital safe, free and easy to handle.

Hair Dryer – This is a critical issue that sometimes doesn’t get the proper relevance, one thing is clear it will never be as good as the one we have at home, but it could be close enough. The ones we have installed are new and with different speeds and with good feedback.

Outlets by the bed – This is a recent problem brought by all the technology that all the guests carry, but fortunately easy to solve, checked!

Storage – This is a hard one, special for the new hotels where they try to maximize the space in a way that in the end you only a get small closet, not a problem here, the storage space is big in every room.

Lots of towels – We have plenty to spare, and a big variety from bath towels to small “make-up” cleaners.

We know that this is only a part of what means to be “Luxury”, but when we add the personalized service, the décor, the comfort of the rooms and the will to go beyond, there’s not much more missing.

See you.