Monday, 8 November 2010

Customer Survey - Why fill it?

Customer's survey are one of the trends of the Hotel business. Every one wants to know what the client has to say. Nevertheless, sometimes the remarks made by the guest aren't taken under consideration.

The Web is filled with websites that allow customers to expose their feelings about their stay or about their meals, and every day the number of users continues to grow, with Trip Advisor as the top Website, when it comes to reviews.

But what about the hotel customer's survey, the one you will find in your room, and that is normally forgotten? It is obvious that it doesn't have the same exposure as TravBuddy or Frommers, however, isn't this important?

It is always complicated to leave personal information behind like the e-mail and telephone, but, besides the obvious contribution to improve the service provided by the Hotel, imagine that you forget something at the hotel which you won't remember, untill you actually need it. Most of the times the hotel doesn't have the guest's contacts, this often occurs, when clients make their bookings through 3rd parties, even though they provide their e-mail information this is never shared with the hotel.

So, if you fill the Customer's survey and by any chance forget something in the hotel, I'm sure you will be contacted before you realize you forgot it.

We know that everyone is tired of receiving Marketing e-mails, promotions, Happy Birthdays, Merry Christmas, etc. Annoying as it can be there's always a good side, this will help you  remember that wonderful (hopefully) weekend in Lisbon and that special dinner by candlelight, or that funny ride on the Cable car.

Imagine getting this in a bad day at work, I'm sure it will put a smile on you face.

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