Becoming Social

These days everyone wants to be social, Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor, but why do you need it? What advantages can this bring to the single traveller?

Well, the buzz is huge, there are now more than 500 million users in Facebook and this is something that can't be ignored by the companies, particularly the travel companies. It's time for the hotels to look at this phenomenon has a tool that can be used to "talk" with their clients or potential clients.

It is about communication, interaction, sharing and participation, and this is scaring the traditional hoteliers, they are having a hard time dealing with this "intromission" on their business.

Well, I think this is the best time to be in the hotel business, it is the time where you can connect with clients before and after their departure. It is the time where clients can easily share their feelings about that so expected stay in that special hotel. It is the time of Social Media.

Unfortunately, not everyone is taking advantage of this tool, or because they don't know it, or simply choose to ignore it. Take for instance TripAdvisor, it has now more than 40 million travel reviews, but still the majority of the hoteliers look at this has the buggy man, especially in the case of bad reviews.

Hotels, instead of hiding and ignoring it like in the past, they can and should use this tool not only to improve their establishments, but also to create a connection with the customers, even the unhappy ones. Responding to the feedbak of an unhappy customer ( depending on the complaint, of course) you can probably turn him into a loyal customer.

And for the customer, it is a win win situation. They can access special offers for fans or followers, or easily share their desires before arrival and, finnally, they can participate in the management of the hotel by giving their feedback to the world.

If you're not convinced, start now! Became our fan in Facebook and fan of the next Hotel you will stay in. Share your feelings in TripAdvisor and you will see how the hotel business is changing.


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