New Year's Eve

This is the time to celebrate with your friends and relatives, time to remember the past and make new commitments for the future. Stop smoking, register in the local Gym or start being on time for work. Everything is legitimate on this night...ok, almost everything.

Open a French Champagne or a Portuguese Sparkling wine, with caviar or with 12 raisins, the typical portuguese ritual which will bring you luck for the next 12 months... but do it! Party all night long because the New Year has arrived and with it the hope of a better world.

Below you will find a couple of ideas of where to commemorate this special night, in oppose to your friends garage:

Casino de Lisboa - A comic play "Vip Manicure" will be on until 00.05h followed by a concert performed by Rui Veloso.

Comércio Square - A live concert performed by "Fúria do Açúcar". At 00.00h, the fireworks, followed by the legendary "Xutos e Pontapés".

If you're looking for something quieter, in a different atmosphere, here are some suggestions from our Concierge:

Timpanas - A "Fado" club with a great history. The "Fado" and "Folclore" show will be extended a little later than usual.

Docas 6 - A nice Restaurant by the river which will allow you to see the midnight fireworks.

Either way, it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you're happy.


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