Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Avenida Palace on TripAdvisor

Did you already visit our page on TripAdvisor, did you saw what our customers are saying about us? If you didn't, maybe by reading other people's experience and seeing the "other" side, not just the Hotel's marketing effort, it will help you decide what hotel to book.

But if you were already our guest, this is where we humbly ask you to share your opinion with the world, let all them know how was your "Avenida Palace Experience", which was, hopefully,  the best. If not, and as bad experiences also happen, bad critics will help us improve our services, and we promise to answer them, to let you know your "voice" is heard.

Here are the last reviews of some of our guests. Maybe it will encourage you.

"Old-world luxury and charm"

Our trip was a success partially due to this hotel. Perfect location, very beautifull decoration, room is nice andd clean although the standard room was very small (we had to ask to upgrade to a superior room). The personnel was helpful and polite.

You cannot be better situated for a Lisbon vacation. Add to that a pleasant room, a good breakfast with long enough hours to make it accessible no matter your plans for the day, helpful staff, and free WiFi and the fairly steep price is worthwhile.

Having just arrive from a 7-day cruise it was a great hotel to disembark into Lisbon with. Roberto the front-desk checkin was there to greet us with his friendly, warm and engratiating personality! As well as the valet! Absolutely fabulous location.

Be the next one, we dare you...

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