Cultural Events in January


Rumor - de Mario de Carvalho

This piece shows, ironically, a cruek story that apparently took place in a Roman Empire colony, where decay and poison are the basis of all relationships. A scared and corrupt empire, in its last days, promotes terror to a group of citizens who are changing opinion and behavior as circumstances change or seem to change.


Moda de Imagens - Imagens de Moda

The exhibition "Bildermode-Modebilder" (Fashion Images - Images of Fashion) presents the Galeria Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional a selection of photographs by 39 artists, and thus reporducing the fashion of the Germn post-war years to 90.


Le Grind

The LE GRIND is a musical project, created in 2003, performed serveral times live in Lisbon (Teatro da Comuna, Centro de Artes de Lisboa) . After this first incursion, the band menbers devoted themselves to other musical projects without, however,, failing to work together, particularly in the studio.


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