Lisbon at night

It’s not the “city that doesn’t sleep” but it goes to bed pretty late.

Lisbon is known to have one of the most animated nights in Europe, offering several different options to spend your evening.

We have already talked here about Fado restaurants, we even gave you some recommendations signed by our Head Concierge, but now we want to talk about the “other side” not so touristic but also very typical and not less appealing.

In the 80’s the night in Lisbon was pretty much about Bairro Alto, not because of its Fado hideouts, but because of the small Clubs/Bars and Discos, some of them illegal,  sometimes only serving wine or beer in a dark and “foggy” atmosphere with a small stereo playing  in the background.

In the late 80’s early 90’s, a new area emerged in the night of Lisbon, at the Avenida 24 Julho (24th of July Avenue) a series of bars and Discos transformed this avenue and turned it in to the most popular place to go out, and up to now some of the Discos are still there.

The biggest and most famous one was Kapital, a place where celebrities spent their nights.
Other places like Kremlin or Plateau were crowded every single weekend, mostly because of its long night parties.

In the beginning of the 90’s, the “center” of Lisbon night changed, once again. A complex of abandoned warehouses in Alcântara District were completely recovered and turned into Bars, Restaurants and Discos.  “Docas” were born. Right by riverside, facing the Marina it soon became the hotspot of Lisbon’s night. It became also an important spot for lunch, especially in a sunny day, for a nice meal by the river.
In 1998, the Expo 98 expanded even further the offer of night’s entertainment.  Within the area of the exhibition a street of Restaurants and Bars/Discos were designed. Latino sounds are more popular in these parts and the summer nights are party nights.

The city, once quiet and peaceful during the day, becomes wild and frantic at night.
Here are some of our tips for a perfect night out:

· Lux Frágil
· Op Art Café
· Peter  Sport Café
· Tease – Lisbon’s Rock n’ Roll Bakery

Lisbon by night: not to be missed.


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