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Her artwork is influenced by her fascination with the syncopated moments of life; forgotten people, objects and relationships encountered on the way to any expected destinations. She explores being masked as an “estrangeiro”.



After Titus: Laboratório de Sangue from Heiner Müller, the Casa Conveniente, David Pereira Bastos returned to the world of Shakespeare and, from Titus Andronicus, the bloodiest tragedy of the English author, presents a show about violence and vertigo of power. In Sangue, Pereira Bastos back to the Rome which betrays Titus, turning him into a stateless person in a web of conspiracies and assassinations.


"Judy Garland – O Fim do Arco-Íris"

After the successful debut on January 25, it began the regular presentations of the new show by Filipe La Féria, "Judy Garland |The End of the Rainbow."
The last chapter of the dramatic story of Judy Garland "The End of the Rainbow" by Peter Quilter was the biggest success of the London stage debut last season and this week at the Theatre Politeama, in a staging by Filipe La Féria.


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