EURO 2012

The month of the European Football is right at the door.

We had our European Championship in 2004 when 10 stadiums were built and renovated specially for the occasion, two in Lisbon, “Alvalade XXI“ and “Estádio da Luz”, where the big final took place between Portugal and Greece and where Greece was declared the winner.

The event occurred without incidents and it was considered by UEFA the best and most well organized Euro ever. This year the Championship is in Poland and Ukraine and that’s why Lisbon will be calmer than usual, giving the ones that are not football fans the chance to visit the city without finding the Museums and the Monuments as crowded and confusing as it is in high season.

This doesn’t mean that the football fans can’t come to Lisbon. All matches will be broadcasted across the city in Bars, Restaurants even in some Squares, or if you prefer I’m sure you will be able to watch them at your hotel, in a more quiet and “controlled” environment.

Our guests will be able to watch the matches in the confort of their rooms or in the Bar, where all will be broadcasted live and in a large “Full HD" TV, while enjoying a beer, a glass of wine or one of the many Cocktails served by our Bartenders and as some of the matches are at 17h you have the chance to taste some of our Snacks.

Euro 2012 is also played in Lisbon!


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