Lisbon by foot

There’s no better way to know Lisbon, than knowing it by foot, and with such a nice weather as we have now, is unforgiving not to do it.

Here you have 5 tips, by Visit Lisboa, that will help cover the historical part of Lisbon:

Baixa / Chiado

Old Lisbon’s charm

Start by climbing the “Elevador de Santa Justa”, reaching the ruins of the “Convento do Carmo”, destroyed by the earthquake of 1755 and the only example of the Gothic architecture that remains in Lisbon.

Bairro Alto / Cais do Sodré

At the top of the “Elevator da Gloria” is the garden and belvedere “S. Pedro de Alcântara” and, up the street D. Pedro V, with many antique shops is the garden “Príncipe Real”, under which is the water reservoir of the Patriarcal, from 1864, open to visitors from 2nd to Saturday.

Estrela/ Prazeres / Alcântara / Docas

Start your tour at the “Jardim da Estrela” and its iron bandstand. In front of the garden is the “Basilica da Estrela”, in Late Baroque and Neoclassical columns and four statues representing Faith, Liberality, Worship and Gratitude.

Mouraria / Castelo de São Jorge / Alfama

The walk begins near the Metro station Martim Moniz, in “Rua do Capelão”. Follow the “Rua da Mouraria” until the “Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde”, with beautiful tiles and carved altar, which can be visited in the afternoon and during mass services.


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