The New Cais do Sodré

If, in the past, this was a place of arrival and departure of sailors from around the world, filling the streets in search of brief love, today, the Cais do Sodré presents itself as a trendy part of Lisbon.

The restoration work at the new Cais do Sodré has completely transform this Lisbon district, which is now a showpiece of the Portuguese capital’s new urban trends and a strong competitor to the ever popular Bairro Alto.

Here is where you have located the mythical nightclubs Jamaica, Europe and Tokyo, the renovated Rotterdam, the latest “Music Box” and new project placed at the “Pensão do Amor”.

“Pensão do Amor” with the trendy and burlesque decoration, with walls covered with red fabric and season pictures and ceilings painted with replicas of fresh and were you can’t find a matching sofa.

In this area, prohibited to road traffic you can find a wide variety of live music spots, tapas bars, outdoor terraces and new concepts such as “Sol e Pesca”, the bar, conserves shop or an erotic bookstore, “Ler Devagar com Amor”.

Inspired by the typical taverns in Lisbon, the bar “O Povo” belongs to the same owners of the “Music Box” and emerged as a complement to this space. With a simple and functional decoration, traditional snacks are served here. The soundtrack of choice is the Fado, with live music and resident artists, with special preference for the new generation of singers.

The “Bar da Velha Senhora” caught its inspiration in the ancient Cais do Sodré, it presents a contemporary and unprejudiced cabaret, and hosts a wide variety of shows and a diverse menu with a typically Portuguese cuisine.

A new way of life is to take possession of this Lisbon area and transform the reputation of a degraded and unsafe area into a renowned spot for nightlife, modern and preserving memories of other times, with a varied and genuine feel.


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